IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-08-18

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teK__frinnst: will look into it tonight09:12
teK__ I thought I stayed withing 0.5.1x09:13
frinnstjaeger: firefox still running?14:15
frinnstif so - can you confirm this is also stable?
frinnst.. goes for anyone else that wants to help test too14:16
jaegeryeah, seems ok. I'll try the new one. What did you change there?14:16
jaegernocairo? :)14:16
frinnstyeah, bundled cairo14:16
frinnstseems to work for me14:16
frinnstits the only change from opt/firefox14:16
jaegerI'll give it a try14:17
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jaegeryay, someone drove one of the servers up to 82 load20:33
frinnsti think i broke when pushing merged branches21:11
frinnstrsync: change_dir "/crux-3.2/contrib" (in ports) failed: Permission denied (13)21:11
teK__more work for me <321:13
teK__srsly? :(21:15
frinnsthm, did 3.1 break too?21:15
frinnsthow did that happen?21:17
teK__I dont know21:17
jaegerumask fuckery?21:17
teK__but well.. does not explain the change of ownership21:18
frinnstthe entire tree is owned by the last user that did something21:18
frinnstgood for auditing I guess :-)21:18
teK__I dirty-fixed things21:19
jaegerPerhaps we should consider switching to a system like gitolite or gitosis in the future21:21
teK__it's probably because of the git-to-rsync hook being run as $USER instead of being set-uid and su-ing to the genereal user and more importantly group21:21
jaegeryeah, seems likely21:21
teK__yes, I considered this last week, too :)21:21
jaegerWould simplify things quite a bit from a perms standpoint21:21
teK__yes, on the other hand: things are just fine otherwhise21:22
teK__I really really like the permission scheme by using UNIX groups21:22
teK__afk for a bit (Ray Donovan :))21:22
jaegerDoesn't gain anything in this particular case over the other method21:22
teK__it does.21:22
teK__it's dead simple and works[tm]21:23
jaegerthough I've got nothing against it most of the time21:23
teK__I like simple21:23
jaegeruntil it doesn't work (which is rare)21:23
teK__yes :)21:23
jaegerwell, I certainly won't force the issue, was just a suggestion21:24
teK__I can pull/push via dropbear AND sshd21:25
teK__was this supposed to work this way?21:25
jaegeras far as I know, yes21:25
teK__dropbear does not support ed2551921:25
jaegerdropbear was just added because the BB software was slowing things down21:25
jaeger(I believe)21:25
teK__bulletin board?21:25
jaegerbig brother or whatever the kalmar NDC folks run21:25
jaegerit was throttling SSH connections on port 2221:26
teK__oooh alright21:26
teK__I see21:26
frinnstlol thats why? :D21:26
teK__it's also great for updating dropbear because you won't loose connectivity for sure21:26
jaegerIt's possibly that I'm misremembering but I think that's why21:26
teK__bandwidth was expensive, back in the days? :>21:26
jaegerit wasn't a bandwidth issue21:26
jaegerit's some sort of monitoring and security software21:27
frinnstyeah it reports on broken disks and such - ps output suggests that21:30
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frinnstwonder how many exploits exists for it - doubt it has been updated recently :-)21:32
jaegercharlie might know, I believe it was his baby21:34 is hardened for running in a hostile envoronment21:36
teK__well it's not so bad after all21:40
teK__excluding our PHP stuff. I hate PHP.21:40
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teK__oh there's SMP support in 3.2. Is this new? :)22:54
jaegernot at all23:03
teK__ok ;)23:08
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