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teK__zsh enters an endless loop eating 100% cpu on 3.200:09
teK__strace -ff -p `pidof zsh` shows exactly nothing00:10
prologicjaeger: Could I give you some money to zfs send ~750GB of data off my nas to your nas? :)00:10
prologicjust in case these relocation folk destroy it? :)00:10
prologicwe're moving to CA in a few weeks00:10
teK__running strace -ff zsh  halts at fstat(11, ...) which is libnss_files00:10
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Workster-m recent in iptables can throttle connections00:26
Worksterand fail2ban does a better job of protection anyways00:26
jaegerprologic: no money necessary but I don't mind storing some data temporarily00:28
prologicoh sweet00:31
prologicyou are a good man00:31
prologicI'll owe you a favour back though!00:32
prologicdo you have enough space for 300GB?00:32
jaegergot about 3.7TB free00:32
prologicI can spare to loose other volumes (but not our family photos/music) :)00:32
teK__I suspect this to be a glibc (2.22) issue, frinnst00:33
prologicwow ~700hrs00:34
prologicI should have been doing this a month ago00:34
teK__fire up xz ;)00:34
prologicthe data is already highly compressed00:36
prologicoh man00:36
prologicI have to think of a different solution00:36
prologicI have multiple backups of almost eveyrthing important but just in case tehse guys destroy my nas00:37
prologicI can easily restrore from somewhere :)00:37
teK__never underestimate the bandwidth of a wagon full of magnet tapes :x00:37
teK__if that data is important, put it in your cabin luggage00:38
prologicI think I will00:40
prologicthat's the only conclusion I can come up with00:41
prologicI was going to take all the drives out and take them as cabbin luggage00:41
prologicbut I might just go out a buy a little HP server box thingy with a few drives00:41
prologicand zfs send from my larger nas to that over my 1GBps network00:41
prologictake those drives out and put them in my back pack onboard :)00:41
prologicsound like a better plan? :)00:41
prologica mirrored zfs pair ought to do the trick nicely00:42
teK__get a 500GB WD USB disk and put it on there?00:43
teK__no RAID and other tricky stuff that might fail  you :)00:43
teK__buy two and leave one in Australia00:43
teK__parental-level RAID00:43
jaegerso are you thinking you don't have enough time to send it here?00:45
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prologichang on01:04
prologicI might be just tired and worn out01:04
prologic~716hrs is only a week right?01:04
prologicwait no I was right the firs ttime01:05
prologicman I am tired01:05
prologicyeah I don't have enough time to upload this from home01:06
prologicteK__'s right too re USB disks01:07
prologicI've got one already I backup to :)01:07
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jaegeryou could also do crashplan or something with that amount of data, I imagine01:08
prologicyeah I was doing crashplan for a while01:09
prologicthen forgot to re-install the software on my desktop/nas/media boxes01:09
prologicdesktop's ssd died twice01:09
prologicmedia box is now dead and kaput :)01:10
prologicso still time is against me :)01:10
prologiclooking to see how much a HP Microserver N45L is01:10
prologicso $299 AUD01:11
Worksterprologic, if you want a failsafe get a hdd copy data post it to me i can sync it over the net to you01:40
Worksterand if you want protection encrypt it first01:43
prologicsee privmsg :)01:43
Romsterseen it :D02:27
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prologicjaeger, actually I've come up with a differnt solution06:39
prologica 3-way mirror of 3x USB 750GB external disks06:39
prologicattached to my desktop06:39
prologicdo a complete zfs send from my nas to these06:39
prologicunplug and package in bubble warp and take onboard with me on the flight06:39
prologicwill that work reasonablly well?06:39
frinnstack teK__07:08
frinnstteK__: --enable-zsh-mem seems to be responsible07:34
frinnsttest now07:37
teK__you are right11:17
frinnst(i was right for once!)11:23
teK__screw you :P11:28
teK__the flag has been there since commit #111:28
teK__I have that issue, too. I always trim the history to 10000 entries only because of this11:30
frinnst"Hooray, I'm useful. I'm having a wonderful time." -Zoidberg11:34
teK__thanks for the hint11:36
teK__$ cat  aminno_member_email.dump|sed  's/),(/\n/g'  |grep "',1" |grep |wc -l11:37
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teK__aminno is a website for flirting/cheating11:42
teK__for the record.11:42
frinnstthe ashley madison thingy?12:07
frinnstOver 38 855 000 anonymous members!12:07
frinnststill on the front page at
frinnstnot anymore!12:08
teK__I like collecting mailaddresses and passwords12:09
frinnstpoor netflix guy im chatting to right now12:20
frinnstHe doesnt seem to know about firefox --enable-eme[=adobe]  Enable support for Encrypted Media Extensions12:22
jaegerheh, that server that was at 82 load yesterday is now at 324.5612:26
jaegernobody has complained yet for some reason12:26
frinnstwhats running on it?12:26
jaegerno idea, I can't log into it to check12:26
jaegerThis pool of servers is for data analysis, though, so chances are it's some afni or freesurfer process12:27
Romsterrsync: change_dir "/crux-3.1/opt" (in ports) failed: Permission denied (13)12:58
Romsterwas about to update my clang12:58
teK__when did you check12:59
Romster2 minutes ago12:59
Romsterand just now12:59
Romstersame deal13:00
teK__oh wow   now it's reproducable13:02
Romsterit's worked like this in the past... what gives13:13
Romsteralso i've been using gitolite myself at home and no issues with permissions13:14
Romsteri only noticed a few hours ago that jue isn't here.13:18
Romsterwas going to tell him that rp-pppoe can be dropped ppp has a stable pppoe implementation that i am running just fine13:19
Romsterstill need ppp on the iso in either core or opt though. else no one using bridge mode DSL can...13:20
teK__type in urls by hand for ldownloading files? :}13:21
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teK__(I'm just kidding here)13:21
Romsterthat fixed it teK__13:28
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jaegerSo what's actually causing the perms to change?13:35
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teK__I suspect that _my_ umask setting was the cause19:48
teK__acccordingly, I explicitly set it in the git to rsync script19:48
teK__oh and dont ask why it was working until now20:02
teK__the only event was that I logged in using sshd instead of dropbear once. But not for the commits. But maybe my ssh-agent kicked in and was used for commiting. I cant really tell20:02
frinnstjaeger has the patience of a saint21:37
jaegerI admit it's annoying me now. When you refuse to follow the directions and then get annoyed when things don't work, that's dumb21:40
jaegersure, there are multiple ways to do what he wants, but he complains that it doesn't look right while not having mentioned until I try to help that he's running things in a different way :P21:40
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