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frinnstwtf, how did my 3.2 thingy get pulled into 3.1 (net-snmp, contrib)06:24
frinnstdid you do something prologic ?06:24
prologicnot that I'm aware of07:21
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Romsteri think you did it frinnst then when prologic rebased it got pushed08:13
Romsterbut i cant really tell now that is merged.08:15
prologicI always rebase and push08:27
prologicso I dunno08:27
Romsterfrinnst,  made two commits for the same port.08:49
frinnstmy commit that was merged was done in the 3.2 branch only09:37
frinnstand contrib is now gone from gitweb?09:37
pitilloall repos with last pushes are gone10:24
pitilloI've pushed to E and it's gone frinnst <- teK__10:24
frinnstthey are all still there11:10
frinnstI think tek "fixed" some things last night11:11
frinnstbut everything still works, right?11:22
pitilloyes, only gitweb problem11:25
pitilloI asked jaeger_ yesterday to confirm that11:26
pitillojust reporting here...11:26
frinnste17 updated to 0.17.6 and libs (eina eet evas ecore efreet eio embryo edje e_dbus eeze ethumb emotion elementary-e17) to 1.7.10 <- haha12:16
frinnstit took a few seconds before I realised that were the names of the libs12:16
frinnstthought you'd written a commit in spanish or something :D12:16
pitillothat's from 3.0 no?12:22
Romsterwhy aren't e and kde4 on 3.1 already12:51
Romsterwe be on 3.2 soon.12:51
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pitilloRomster: enlightenment is on 3.1 , gitweb default head is 3.013:40
Romsterthen lets get that moved to 3.1 already13:41
Romsterwhy was that not fixed.13:41
Romsteri even poked alanco to push a 3.1 branch so then someone (most likely tek) can point gitweb to 3.113:41
pitillono odea Romster, cruxbot isn't tracking commits neither, minorproblems :)13:41
teK__Romster: yes, I'll do that on notice :)13:42
teK__and not after Aug 27th13:42
Romsteri'm not blaming anyone but heck we are almost releasing 3.2 soon. and that's not been fixed.13:43
teK__I fixed the gitweb thingies13:44
teK__@ pitillo13:44
nomiusConfirmed, chromium doesn't build in 3.213:45
nomiusIt breaks compiling boringssl, so I'm trying now with system_ssl=113:49
frinnstiirc, alan still runs 3.0 or something13:49
teK__that was me, you ass :D13:52
frinnstalan too13:52
frinnstI know you run 3.0 but thats to be expected from you!13:53
teK__I run 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.13:53
teK___thats_ to be expected from me13:53
teK__for the cause!!113:53
frinnstI run 3.2, 3.2, 3.2, 3.2, 3.1, 3.113:53
frinnstarm is lagging behind! :)13:54
nomiusWell, that didn't work either :-S13:54
teK__frinnst: poser.13:55
pitillowaiting the official release to bump it to 3.2... lot of work ahead :P15:09
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