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prologicjaeger, u about?00:05
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jaegerprologic: just got home02:49
prologicjaeger, ahh hey!02:52
prologicjust quickly just had /dev/sdf report error counts from 7 to 8 last night ( they seem to be all CRC related errors; did a scrub; everything seems okay02:53
prologicothers have mentioned this may be a bad SATA cable02:53
prologicbut yeah just after some advice, etc; wondering whether I should replace the driver and/or SATA cable anyway02:54
jaegertry the cable first. If it persists, run full diags from the manufacturer02:54
prologicre a replica/backup; I managed to do a zfs send on the entire pool to another smaller 3-way mirrored pool of USB 1Tb disks last night02:54
prologicreplace cable and see if the error count persists over time?02:54
prologicfull diags from manufacturer means?02:55
jaegerreplace the cable and see if you still get any errors. The error count won't go down but if they're not on the drive itself you won't get more of them02:55
jaegerthat means download the diagnostic program from the drive manufacturer. WD or HGST or whoever02:55
prologicahh right03:01
prologicAre they usually Windows softwre? :)03:01
prologicthat might prove a bit tricky if so :)03:02
jaegerbootable disks, usually03:13
prologicahh right03:55
prologicI guess the NAS would have to go offline :)03:56
prologicyou'd want to do diagnosis on the right disk then lol03:56
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juesorry, I'm still out of town for around another two weeks but was able to do some work today10:38
jueone thing I see today is a more or less broken gitweb?10:40
Romsterhi jue11:59
Romsteri haven't looked.11:59
Romsterwhat's actually broken?12:00
Romstertek fixed permissions on opt12:00
Romsteruh now isee it where the heck is opt core xorg on gitweb12:03
jueand, as a result, our timeline shows nothing12:06
Romsteri don't know whats going on there tek does that stuff?12:07
jueI don't know who changed what, but I guess it was teK12:09
Romsterare the permissions/owner wrong?12:10
Romsterjue, also rp-pppoe can be dropped ppp is stable for DSL connections12:36
jueRomster: thx for the info, will rm it for 3.212:41
Romsterstill need ppp on the iso unless you expect people to not use bridge mode. or get the source file some other means13:16
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nomiusHey guys19:57
nomiusHave you ever considered moving the ports to /usr/src/ports instead of /usr/ports?19:57
frinnstpersonally I use /usr/src for other stuff so a hard "no" vote from me :)20:00
frinnstwhat benefit would moving the ports tree give?20:00
Romster/usr/src just for kernel and maybe other source crap that i never do20:00
nomiusOk, it was just a question :-)20:00
Romsterports aren't really source. but i do save packages to /var/ports/packages/20:01
nomiusBtw, chromium is failing because struct addrinfo is defined in netdb.h and not in sys/types.h20:01
Romstermore longterm to keep *shrugs*20:01
Romsteropena  bug on the bug tracker and assign it to sepen please20:02
nomiusIf this works I'll send a patch to some of you so you update the port in 3.2...20:02
Romsterattach it on the bug tracker for sepen. and state it's for crux 3.220:05
Romsterwe arn't using 3.2 yet20:05
nomiusAlright, __USE_XOPEN2K fixed it :-)20:10
nomiusGonna complete the full compilation and create the patch in the meantime :-(20:10
nomiusDone, thank you folks :-)20:43
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