IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-08-23

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nomiusAny reason to use berkeley db 5.x when there's 6.1.26?03:36
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Romsternot the same API for perl afaik06:32
Romster6 might be stable and 5 dev?06:33
Romsternot sure that applies or not06:33
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rmullAnyone else not able to build clang? C compiler cannot create executables16:06
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juenomius: wrt Berkely DB: licence issues, they changed to AGPLv3 with version 6.x and AFAIK that means that only GPLv3 clients are allowed to link against it16:44
jueI might be wrong, some other distros stick with 5.3 as well but LFS is using 6.x?16:47
juethe whole licence crap is at least boring ;)16:48
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prologicwhere does it say only GPL clients can link against it?20:16
frinnstIve never read through agpl3, but id be surprised if thats the case20:43
prologicso would I21:34
prologicif they aren't compatible they'd be some kind of clause around it21:34
nomiusLicencing crap :-S21:49
nomiusAre you updating daily the crux 3.2 iso?21:50
prologicwe never update ISO(s) daily :)21:51
prologicbut we probably should/could21:51
prologicI want to help achieve this one day :)21:51
nomiusI think you need to remove gperf from opt in 3.222:09
prologicwe do? why?22:09
prologicDescription:  Perfect hash function generator22:09
prologic$ prt-get dependent gperf22:10
nomiusIsn't gperf now in core?22:10
prologicDescription:  Gobject interface for udev.22:10
prologicif it is; we've moved it22:10
prologicnot removed it :)22:10
prologicI dunno I don't do core stuff22:10
prologicthat's frinnst teK__ jaeger et all22:11
nomiusYou don't get me, it's duplicated, one in core and another one in opt22:11
prologicin 3.1?22:12
prologic$ find . -type d -name "gperf"22:13
prologictell frinnst :P22:13
prologicmaybe they're in the process of morinvb ig?22:13

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