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frinnstI think it got readded with a merge way back06:20
frinnstI did remove it from opt06:20
Worksteri saw it got removed it got put back when 3.1 got merged into 3.206:31
frinnsthas anybody ever tried (lib)pcre2 the version we use 8.something is libpcre1 (yeah, go figure)06:37
frinnstCVEs keep popping up for pcre1 that are already fixed in pcre206:38
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frinnsthey jue06:48
frinnstI was just asking before you joined: has anybody tried pcre2 ?06:49
frinnst<@frinnst> CVEs keep popping up for pcre1 that are already fixed in pcre206:49
frinnstanyways: this is the new bug:
juefrinnst: not tested, but I've read the ann ->
frinnstah, so looks like pcre1 will live on for years still06:56
jueyeah, I think so06:56
juehope we see a new release soon, probably in september07:07
juewrt AGPLv3: not sure but wasn't the linking issue one reason for the LGPL?07:16
jueanyway, I'm not able to look into that deeper the next weeks, we had the db problem already with 3.1, see TODO3107:17
jueif the lincense change is not a problem for us at all, I have no objections to switch to 6.x with 3.207:18
jueas always: volunteers welcome :)07:21
frinnstYeah I intend to read up on it too07:52
frinnstnot much else to do on the evenings now07:52
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sepenteK__: ping07:59
sepenor anyone with admin privileges at crux.nu08:02
sepenhey frinnst08:02
frinnstwhats up?08:02
frinnstother than gitweb being broken08:02
frinnstor whatever we use08:03
sepencruxbot doesn't have enough privileges on core.git08:03
frinnstyeah I think tek fucked it up somehow08:03
sepenand I'm receiving a cruxbot log every 5 min08:03
frinnsthaha how fun :D08:03
sepenI'll stop my crontab line for now08:03
sepenis not a big problem for me but for the channel since cruxbot is stopped08:04
frinnstyeah I think its all related. if you browse the git repos on and check the timeline you'll see things are a bit weird08:04
sependid you have enough perms?08:06
frinnstI dont have access from work08:07
sepenprivate me08:07
frinnstand i've moved out of my apartment due to renovations08:07
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jaegerI can take a look if teK__ hasn't already fixed it12:22
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jaegerI haven't spotted what's breaking gitweb yet but is cruxbot still complaining?13:40
jaegerI'm tempted to rewrite permissions on core.git wholesale but still looking for now13:41
sepenhey jaeger13:44
sepenjaeger: core.git is fixed, did you added +r for others?13:48
sepenbut there is still the same problem for compat-32.git13:48
jaegerI only did core at first, was trying to find the gitweb problem13:50
sepenah ok13:50
sepenI think it's all related to perms13:51
jaegerI've no doubt of that, yeah13:51
sepenwe should switch to gitolite or so13:51
sepenI'm maintaining all repos here at office with that and is working like a charm13:52
sepenand without the need of a git-shell or pure shell account13:53
sepenIMHO core.git should have crux user as owner13:54
jaegerI've been using gitosis for years, similar idea13:55
jaegergitolite is newer and has more features, I think13:55
sepenyeah, gitosis liked too, and still in use on repos13:55
sepenjaeger: could you try to setup crux:core for the entire repo?13:58
sepenor at least for core.git/refs/heads13:59
jaegershouldn't make any difference, they all have group and other read permissions14:00
jaegerthough I don't think it will hurt to change14:00
sepenwell, for what I know git push changes the owner on every head14:02
jaegerwhich wouldn't be an issue with gitolite or gitosis :)14:03
sepenjaeger: worked14:03
frinnstYour password has expired. Please enter a new root password:14:05
jaegerI'll try to fix opt as well, still not sure what's wrong with it14:08
jaegerI think the commands that gitweb runs to get its info may fail if any of the .git/objects/* folders have unreadable perms, jeez14:13
jaeger seems to have fixed opt.git14:14
jaegercore/opt timelines and branch listings seem to work again14:14
sepensorry, too many work here14:29
sepenseems ok, thanks jaeger14:30
sepenalso cruxbot is back on #crux14:41
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