IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-08-26

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jaegerlooks like there's an rc2 for util-linux in 3.2. I'll update it tomorrow at work if nobody else tries it first03:38
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jaegerlooks like pushes are still breaking permissions in the git repoos19:43
jaegerjust fixed a few again, we really need to sort that out19:51
jaegerwhen a push happens git obviously runs as the user who logs in via ssh (which is to be expected), does that mean everyone needs to explicitly use a umask of 002 or what?19:54
jaegerI guess ownership is maybe not the real issue, it's only one part. The real problem is that read permissions get removed from the other bits, so gitweb and cruxbot break19:56
frinnsti have no clue how it works20:50
frinnstdid tek ever look into it?20:51
teK__there is a hook in the repos calling git to rsync export21:02
teK__I modified it to set umask to 00221:03
jaegerthe rsync repos aren't the problem in this case21:31
jaegerpush something and watch as the repo disappears from gitweb and cruxbot can no longer access it :)21:31
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