IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-08-28

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Romsterjaeger, feel free to take over docbook-{xml,xsl} i am done with them docbook crap. iv'e tried kdes i've tried linux from scratchi arch gentoo it's a peace of shit. take it over or i'm just gonna drop them ports. i'm done with docbook.12:36
Romsteri even tried your sugestion ages ago and it failed on something i don't remember now12:36
frinnstindeed, its an evil piece of shit/software12:42
frinnstI need it to generate btrfs manpages :(12:42
jaegeryeah, it's used by a lot of things so we need to keep it around... but for what it's worth the version I'm using hasn't given me any trouble12:45
Romsteryou would think following LFS would result in a working setup12:47
Romsteri don't use it enough so please burn the darn thing out of existence12:48
Romsterit's a terrible way to make man pages12:48
Romstereven xml2man is saner12:49
Romsteri like text2man thats what i used for revdep man page.12:49
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nomiusPlain troff is waaaay better22:37

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