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prologicHey jaeger; US Television04:24
prologicIs it DVB-T?04:24
jaegernot a clue, I don't watch any broadcast TV04:27
jaegermost TV I watch via netflix, yeah04:31
prologicyeah kk04:33
prologicI like to watch broadcast though I guess04:33
prologica) it's free04:33
prologicand b) it doesn't consume bandwidth :)04:33
jaegerto each his own, of course. :) I'm not on a metered connection so the bandwidth isn't too much of an issue04:59
jaeger100mbit down04:59
prologicyeah of course04:59
prologicI think I can get FIOS ~300Mbps in SF?04:59
prologicat least I hope I can :)04:59
prologicunmetered too I believe05:00
jaegerare you moving there? or living there now?05:00
prologicmoving in a couple of weeks05:01
prologicprobably arrive 19/20 Sept?05:01
prologicinto temporary housing first05:01
jaegerAh, cool05:01
jaegerI knew you were talking about moving when we talked about data backups but didn't know where05:01
prologicyeah yeah05:03
prologicso moving to SF soon to work for FB05:03
prologicand yeah sorted out my data problem05:04
prologic3x USB disks in a 3-way mirror (ZFS)05:04
prologiconly took ~1hr20m or so over my 1Gbps LAN :)05:04
prologiczfs send | ssh is nice :)05:04
jaegeryeah :)05:04
prologicbut again thank you for the generous offer before!05:04
jaegerno problem05:04
jaegermight be fun to try it sometime just for science anyway :)05:04
prologicsilly 'ol Kori05:06
prologicwell when I get there we can try it05:07
prologicwe won't be spinning wheels waiting for pathetic AU bandwidth :)05:07
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sepenproblem with git repos is back?10:01
frinnstyeah whenever someone pushes something it breaks the permissions10:03
sepenheads in opt.git are 660 and owned by jaeger and rehabdoll10:03
sepenI'm gonna stop cronjob for cruxbot10:03
frinnstdont know, jaeger has been looking at it10:04
frinnstIm currently homeless so cant really help :-)10:04
sepenwho changed perms recently?10:04
frinnst(my bathroom is being redone so i moved out)10:04
frinnstyou learn to appreciate modern plumbing / showers / toilets when you no longer have access to it :D10:05
sepenpoo in the neighbor's house10:06
frinnsthaha. I do it at work :D10:06
jaegersepen: the perms change with every push12:27
jaegerI will try to research it more today, busy with work currently12:31
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jaegercore.sharedRepository is set to "true" on all the main repos, which theoretically ignores the umask and ensures that group permissions make sense13:28
jaegerbut it seems to remove o+r somewhere13:28
jaegerperhaps we should set core.sharedRepository to "0664" instead13:30
jaegerI've set it on opt.git as a test, we'll see if it helps13:39
jaegerprologic: I updated the contrib rsync repo manually13:45
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frinnstpushed to opt and opt-3.2 just now16:57
frinnstlooks ok16:58
jaegergood, opt didn't disappear from gitweb this time17:06
jaegerlooks like the rsync repo updated properly as well17:07
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prologicjaeger, ta21:27
frinnstcve fixes in libvdpau21:35
frinnstanybody able to update?21:36
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