IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-09-02

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prologicLILO development is ending...03:27
prologicWho wants to take voer it's development?03:27
prologicI'm keen03:27
mechaniputerHeh, some folks from my Open Source lab have expressed interest in doing that already!03:35
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prologicoh excellent04:30
prologicI'd personally love it if LILO were continued04:30
prologicI peronslaly use it everywhere myself04:30
prologicI find grub does a little too muc04:30
mechaniputerYeah, me too. Sometimes I do actually need grub, but LILO is still a sane default in 2015.04:31
mechaniputerI'm not sure how much maintenance is actually needed. Probably not much, and even in an unmaintained state LILO seems like it would be around quite awhile.04:32
mechaniputerIt's adding new features that will get involved, and that's what people here are talking about.04:33
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prologicI think it needs to grow GPT support04:55
prologicand maybe better (if it has any) UEFI support?04:55
prologicthat's about it really04:55
prologicbut yeah I still use it as well everywehre04:55
prologicI tend to either turn off UEFO crap04:55
prologicor not buy hw with it at all04:56
mechaniputerSame here. Of course, I tend to keep old hardware in active use for quite a long time. This machine is from 2007.05:00
prologicmy last desktop was ~10years old or so05:03
mechaniputerThis is a laptop though!05:03
mechaniputerStill gets the job done, but I have it running Debian 7.0 still on account of the cpu not being fast enough to make CRUX update conveniently fast.05:04
jaegerUEFI is likely going to replace BIOS so you might as well learn/embrace it :)05:10
jaegerit does have some neat features05:10
mechaniputerI'll admit that it is technically interesting, but I find the decrease in control concerning.05:16
mechaniputerI consider it to be a step backwards for free software.05:16
mechaniputerIt's unavoidable, but that won't stop me from trying.05:17
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sepengit fetch failed due to perms07:58
sepenor is it me?07:58
Romsterwhich git tree sepen?08:27
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sepensorry for the delay, I'm at office08:35
sepencore.git has rwS for group08:36
sepenI mean on core.git/refs/heads/3.108:36
sepenopt only has rw, maybe is due to that?08:36
sepenI don't know how to manage git repos with git-shell efectively08:37
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frinnstseems to work for me10:14
sepenIm gonna wait for chromium build to finish and I'll try again10:17
RomsterCurrently-available versions of the NVIDIA driver contain a pre-compiled version of the vulnerable library. This copy will not be installed by nvidia-installer if the fixed version is already installed. In addition, the --no-install-vdpau-wrapper option can be passed to the installer to prevent it from installing the vulnerable copy even if an existing copy is not found. The legacy release 304.128 does not contain libvdpau.11:35
Romsterinstall -m 0755$version    $PKG/usr/lib/vdpau11:37
Romsterand we do it by default.11:37
Romsterjaeger, ^11:37
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jaegerare there any setuid/setgid apps using it?12:40
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frinnstxorg-server ? :)12:48
jaegerdoes xorg-server explicitly use it or only apps that link against it?12:49
frinnstprobably just apps, afak12:50
jaegerI'll remove the nvidia vdpau wrapper in favor of xorg/libvdpau, just curious12:50
frinnstwonder why nvidia wont release a new installer with a patched library12:51
jaegerI imagine they will eventually12:51
jaegerthat post was only 2 days ago12:51
frinnstfixed version - not sure if its a compiled-by-nvidia version12:51
jaegerit's not compiled12:52
frinnstah, nevermind then :>12:52
jaegerI was curious about that, too :)12:52
jaegerwe can probably update xorg/libvdpau to that one12:52
frinnstromster pushed a fix yesterday12:56
Romsteryeahy for libvdpau but apparently nvidia is still shipping the vulnerable library for vdpau13:12
Romsteri can't really tell for sure...13:12
Romsterdoesn't match md5sum to libvdpau 1.113:13
Romsterforget how to readelf it.13:13
jaegerwell, like I said, I'll remove it from the nvidia port13:14
Romsterah i didn't read that bit i'm preoccupied13:15
Romsternot sure how it works do you ln -s the libvdpau in place of that lib or just rm them?13:16
Romsterhow does nvidia link to libvdpau on the system13:16
jaegerthe nvidia one has a different filename, no idea how the driver deals with that internally13:23
jaegerxorg does note vdpau in its log but doesn't say much about it.13:25
jaeger[     7.870] (II) NVIDIA(0): [DRI2]   VDPAU driver: nvidia13:25
Romster--no-install-vdpau-wrapper option can be passed to the installer to prevent it from installing the vulnerable copy even if an existing copy is not found.13:29
Romsterdoes not even say how it can use the system one13:29
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Romsteror that just disables it totally until they release a new nvidia version?13:29
Romsternot enough details nvidia13:30
jaegerdon't know, yeah13:30
Romsterwish nouveau was good enough for gaming13:31
jaegermore testing will be needed, or more info. without the lib installed at least mpv can't use vdpau13:33
jaegerpresumably other apps since it's explicitly trying to open libvdpau_nvidia.so13:34
Romsterdunno if symlinking libvdpau to that location would work13:34
Romsteras but i don't want to close all the stuff got open here right now13:35
jaegernope, doesn't work13:35
Romsterthen nvidia expects us to go without acceleration -_-13:36
jaegeror use the vulnerable lib :)13:36
Romsterwhich i am doing now.13:37
Romsterdon't see it being a big threat when i'm the only one on this box. for me at least13:37
jaegerIt may not be an issue after all. I think libvdpau_nvidia is just the extra interface like libvdpau_r300, etc.13:40
nomiusHey folks13:40
jaegerthere's also a in the nvidia port source that we don't install13:40
nomiusI dunno if everyone considered it... But looking that eudev is going to face some hard times in future versions os systemd... But have you considered moving to mdev or plain (NO) dynamic device manager?13:42
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jaegeryeah, it's a wrapper. should be ok to leave it alone since we already don't install that14:02
jaegernomius: it's come up a few times. Currently eudev seems to be ok, we'll see how that goes in the future14:03
nomiusAlrighty :-)14:12
Romsterhmm maybe it calls system libvdpau on that wrapper then14:37
Romsterbinary stuff gotta hate it14:37
jaegerit might be about time for me to rewrite the nvidia port14:39
jaeger is what I've got so far, will need some symlink testing, etc.15:14
sepenso weird, denegates my key but tries to login with password on port 2215:20
sepenbut all of that worked from ubuntu client, and I'm sure I didn't change any relevant on my crux client :P15:20
sepenin fact, my crux client is a chroot environment where only I have git repos which didn't change in a long time15:21
sependebug1: Skipping ssh-dss key /home/sepen/.ssh/id_dsa for not in PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes15:23
sepenmaybe something changed in our server?15:23
nomiusDid you saw my bug entry on Chromium for 3.2?15:23
sepenbut ATM I'm not working on 3.215:23
nomiusOh, ok. Thanks anyways :-)15:23
jaegerRomster: does wine work for you currently with a 64-bit WINEPREFIX? I get errors, though 32-bit works15:24
sepenI need a week or so to swith15:24
sepennomius: sorry, I need to solve some stuff before15:24
sepen*to switch15:24
nomiusSure, with time...15:24
jaegerRomster: for reference,
sepenpfff, I generated a new pair of keys, DSA didn't worked, and RSA worked, what's happened?15:29
sepennomius: anyway, today I built new 45.x.x.x version of chromium, so we should re-build it on 3.2 and see new results15:34
nomiusSure, I can do that tonight if you want...15:42
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Romsterjaeger, that is strange my steam WINEPREFIX is 64bit and that works...22:51
jaegerwould you mind testing in a new empty one?22:51
Romstercan you recrete this even doing WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-test winecfg22:52
jaegeryep, does it every time unless I make the prefix 32-bit22:52
Romsterwine 1.7.50 i take it22:54
jaegerhrmm, don't know, then. I'll try it on another machine and see if I can duplicate it. If not, then local problem22:56
Romsterfinddeps wine22:56
Romstertry checking revdep too22:56
jaegerI have all the listed deps installed, of course. It does run, just throws that odd error22:56
jaegeralready did that too, of course :)22:56
jaegereven rebuilt wine more than once22:57
Romstermaybe it has another dependency requirement i missed but i got installed i don't know.22:57
Romsteri try to keep deps to a minimum22:57
Romster i'm uploading my system wine perhaps install that then revdep to see what's missing on your system.22:59
Romsterheading to work23:00
jaegerat the moment I have an ubuntu drive in the system rather than crux so I can't test it but I'll keep it in mind for another time23:00
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