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frinnstuhm: /usr/ports/opt/3.2.new06:57
frinnsti thought it  synced a lot of files :)06:57
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jaegerfrinnst: do you have any issues with firefox 40.x not being able to play youtube videos smoothly?21:22
jaegerI can play them fine with chrome's pepperflash but youtube html5 is stuttering badly. I don't think firefox 39 had this issue but I might be wrong21:23
jaegercpu usage is very low when this is happening21:28
jaegereven a 360p video is terrible. seems codec-independent21:29
jaegerdefinitely firefox, though. mpv+livestreamer isn't having the same problem21:31
jaegerdowngrading to 39.0.3 didn't fix it, hrmm22:29
jaegerthe hell? now I found a video that plays flawlessly, even while compiling with all 8 cores. I'm so confused22:31
jaegerit's even the same codec as one of the ones that was running like ass22:32
jaegerah, never mind. It started running like ass again after a few seconds :P22:32
jaegerupstream precompiled firefox 39.0.3 also did not help22:37
jaegermaybe it's ffmpeg or something. hell if I know at this point :/22:38
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