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frinnstteK__: same as 3.1 currently07:10
frinnstgtk3 = 3.16.x07:11
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juefrinnst: finally find the time to look at our ncurses problem09:20
jueand, as I wrote in your ticket, the additional library-links are created by ldconfig09:21
juefrinnst: what's the output of 'ldd /bin/bash | grep curses' for you?09:22
jueon 3.2 oc09:22
jueand 'ldd /lib/ | grep curses'09:26
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frinnstbash points to /lib/ncursesasdf09:32 => /lib/ (0x00007fd2ab0de000)09:33
frinnstthe first paste was libreadline09:33
frinnstI hope to be able to move back home this weekend, so i'll be more active then09:34
frinnstand if not this weekend, early next week09:34
juethe problem is bigger than I thought09:36
juebecause /usr/lib/ was created by ldconfig we have the symlink even after the update to ncurses 609:36
frinnstyeah thats what tripped people up. I thought i had fixed it on my server before rebooting. I hadnt :)09:37
juewell, most things will work, because the symlink isn't dangling but points to the .6 library09:41
jueI've just prepared a new port which works for me without any hidden files added by ldconfig09:42
jueI took the opportunity to do some chances:09:43
jue- only install the wide library and create sylinks/linker scripts for the non-wide variant09:43
frinnstyeah, is there any reason to keep the non-wide lib?09:44
jue- move .pc files from /usr/share to /usr/lib09:44
juethe only reason might be binary packages09:44
juebut I don't think that's important for us09:46
juebtw, most parts of the new Pkgfile are borrowd form LFS09:47
frinnstcan you post it somewhere?09:48
jueyeah, will do09:48
juemy suggestion for the update:09:57
jue- update ncurses to release 209:57
frinnstfredrik@hypnotoad:/tmp/ncurses$ bash09:57
frinnstbash: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ file too short09:57
jue- rebuild readline and bash09:57
jue- remove /usr/lib/
jue- rebuild everything dependent on ncruses09:58
jueyou got the error after what?09:58
frinnstupdating with your port09:59
frinnst-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   18 sep  9 11:52 libncurses.so09:59
frinnstthats /usr/lib/libncurses.so09:59
frinnstjust copied the files from /lib/libncurses* to /usr/lib/ and got it going again10:00
juetry ln -sf
juein /usr/lib oc10:01
frinnstyeah, I got it going10:04
juegood :)10:04
frinnstsamba & cmake still complains10:04
frinnst/usr/bin/dialog: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ file too short10:04
frinnst/usr/bin/nano: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ file too short10:04
frinnstah sorry, thats not the port that complains10:05
jueadd ln -sf
jueno, don't10:05
jueare you able to recompile readline/bash?10:06
frinnstnot without manual intervention10:06
frinnstsince bash wont start10:06
frinnstrevdeps reports clean after rebuilding dialog and nano btw10:07
juewell, you must create the first symlink10:07
jueln -sf
juewith that it works?10:08
frinnstI already had that symlink10:08
frinnstI dont think my system is the best test case though10:12
frinnstsince i've messed about with ncurses here a lot already10:12
frinnstIm gonna do some more tests later this evening hopefully10:12
frinnstwith a 3.1->3.2 system and a clean 3.2 install with jaegers early 3.2 test-iso10:12
frinnstthat had ncurses 5 on it iirc10:13
juegreat, please try to document exactly what you are doing and what goes wrong10:14
frinnstyep will do10:14
frinnstthis was all a bit messy since I need this install for work :)10:14
jueI think we have to add the symlinks and to our new port10:18
juewhich requires a forced install but we are able to remove the symlinks later10:19
jueand nothing should break after the update10:19
jueit's all a bit nasty ;)10:20
frinnstyep but im sure we'll get it sorted out :)10:21
jueok, here's the new port:10:27
jueno, doesn't work, I'm on the way to break my 3.1 system :)10:31
frinnstdidnt break anything else on my system atleast :)10:32
jue.oO two typos -> s/curse/curses/10:39
jueyeah, now it seems to work :)10:40
frinnsthah :)10:42
frinnstpush it to 3.2 maybe?10:42
jueyeah, indeed, it works :)10:42
jueyeah, will do10:42
frinnstgoodie, then I can test it direcly on a few machines10:42
juetested it with mc and clex, both link against version 6 after a rebuild10:44
juefrinnst: didn't you create a ticket for ncurses?10:47
jueyeah, found it FS#121010:51
juefrinnst: pushed :)10:53
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frinnsthum. got this on my desktop at home:11:47
frinnstake[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/work/ncurses-6.0-1-work/src/ncurses-6.0/c++'11:47
frinnst+ install -d /usr/ports/work/ncurses-6.0-1-work/pkg/lib /usr/ports/work/ncurses-6.0-1-work/pkg/usr/include/ncursesw11:47
frinnst+ for i in w ''\'''\'''11:47
frinnst+ mv '/usr/ports/work/ncurses-6.0-1-work/pkg/usr/lib/libncursesw*' /usr/ports/work/ncurses-6.0-1-work/pkg/lib11:47
frinnstmv: cannot stat '/usr/ports/work/ncurses-6.0-1-work/pkg/usr/lib/libncursesw*': No such file or directory11:47
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/ncurses#6.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.11:47
frinnstbut built ok on my server11:49
frinnstnevermind, had a experimental port in my brew repo :)11:50
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juefrinnst: just pushed another small update12:06
jueldconfig wants to see a /usr/lib/, but only with the symlinks for version 5, don't get it why12:08
juebut now it should work for all cases and we are able to remove the tweaks afterwards12:10
juefrinnst: anything new wrt ncurses?14:41
frinnststuck at work14:51
frinnstyeah. a clean 3.2 install "works"16:41
frinnstsysup fails though, since /usr/lib/ wasnt installed previously by ncurses16:42
frinnstso that needs to be overwritten16:42
jueyes, a forced install is required17:33
jueI don't see a way to avoid this17:33
juethough it's not a problem with the regular update via ISO17:34
jueadded a note about ncurses to our ReleaseNotes3-2, please extend/correct17:47
jaegergah, .new and .old dirs in ports rsync18:16
jaegertempted to add *.new and *.old to the exclude line in rsyncd.conf but it would be better to fix git and the git-to-rsync process18:17
jaegerIs there any reason we should NOT make the ports rsync dirs setgid?18:26
jaegeractually, do any of you plan to push any updates today? I'd like to tweak some perms before you push to test it if anyone wants to help19:05

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