IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-09-11

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frinnstteK__: no, never tried it08:05
frinnstjue: after installing hpcups i get this in the firefox print window thingy: "File "/usr/lib/cups/filter/hpps" not available .. asdf"08:37
frinnstfeels like im missing something08:44
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jueare you able to print a test page from the cups web interface?09:02
frinnstE [11/Sep/2015:11:55:26 +0200] HP_Color_LaserJet_MFP_M476dn: File "/usr/lib/cups/filter/hpps" not available: No such file or directory09:56
frinnstE [11/Sep/2015:11:55:26 +0200] [Job 12] Unable to start filter "hpps" - No such file or directory.09:56
frinnstE [11/Sep/2015:11:55:26 +0200] [Job 12] Stopping job because the scheduler could not execute a filter.09:56
juefrinnst: hmm, please try to manual install -m 755 prnt/filters/hpps /usr/lib/cups/filter/10:19
jue... from the hplip sources10:19
juesorry, I cannot test this here10:20
frinnstwill do, no worries. its not my top priority at the moment :)10:52
frinnstfilter failed asdf10:57
frinnstI hate printers10:57
frinnst if you're interested. im too busy atm. :(10:58
jueme too, but I need a printer ...11:13
juethis might help ->
frinnstnope, i tried that11:15
juesorry, but I'm out of ideas now11:23
frinnstyeah me too11:29
frinnstfuck printers11:29
juebut you get a different error message now? without '/etc/hp/hplip.conf not found'?11:35
frinnstperhaps hpps depends on something else11:37
frinnstdoh, wrong path in the new config file11:38
frinnststill wont work now though11:55
frinnstoh well, fuck it. time to play with hardware11:55
jueguess you need all the hplip stuff for your printer, there are hplip ports from jaeger and alan12:15
frinnstah, great12:15
frinnsti thought that was part of hpcups12:16
frinnstdoing 5 things at once is not my strength12:16
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