IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-09-15

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teK__prologic: is there a specific reason for pip to be at 1.x instead of 7,x? :)17:23
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teK__(I bumped it, updated the footprint and it worked, 1.x does not even talk with http proxies although it advertises this capability)17:39
frinnstthats quite a jump in version #17:54
frinnstthey must be inspired by chrome and firefox17:54
frinnstBrowser versions - Because: fuck you17:54
frinnstand before people start emailing me to update pango - I wont because:18:01
frinnstOverview of changes between 1.36.7 and 1.36.818:01
frinnst- Make tests not fail on build.gnome.org18:01
frinnstmesa11 update: 2d (glamor) feels slower. No crashes though20:11
prologicteK__: no; I'll update it to 7.x :)20:15
prologicI almost *never* install pip via ports though :)20:15
frinnstI've finally moved back home after 3� weeks \o/20:21
frinnstwhat remains for 3.2?20:21
jaegeryay, congrats20:24
frinnstthanks :D20:52
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Workstercould someone look into bumping llvm and getting mesa3d to compile23:19
Worksteri haven't done anymore to get that working23:19

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