IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-09-16

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frinnstwhat llvm version?07:39
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frinnstRomster: did you have a Pkgfile for 3.7.0 ?18:09
frinnstdidnt compile and im busy with work stuff18:09
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frinnst20:09 <@frinnst> Romster: did you have a Pkgfile for 3.7.0 ?23:05
Worksterall i did was bump the version=23:06
frinnst+ make DISABLE_ASSERTIONS=1 -j 723:06
frinnstMakefile.config:63: *** In-source builds are not allowed. Please configure from a separate build directory!.  Stop.23:06
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/llvm#3.7.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.23:06
Worksterthen at the request of mesa3d i added the ecpermental r600 confiure option to llvm and that then makes llvm fail to configure23:06
frinnstanyways, building it now.23:08
frinnstfirmware update is at 18%! shit is exciting! :)23:09
frinnstwonder if it will fail again and then crash when you try to view the log23:09
Worksterfirmware on what?23:10
frinnsttape library23:10
Worksterllvm has to have a regression reporting to mesa3d somehow23:11
Worksterdidn't compare .pc files23:11
frinnstI have mesa 11 here23:11
frinnstwill test with that23:11
frinnst"Device firmware revision is not matching the firmware file revision"23:14
frinnstProduct not found23:19
frinnstlove hp.com23:19
Worksteri used the one in xorg at the time i didn't bump the version of mesa3d23:22
frinnstpassed the configure stage23:23
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/mesa3d#11.0.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.23:27
Worksterfigures with the new llvm?23:36
Worksterwhy are we still on the old mesa3d branch then?23:36
Worksterfrinnst, libdevmapper needs a bump to 13123:40
Workster130 was removed23:40
frinnstno issues with lvm ?23:40
frinnsti remember there was some problems a while back23:40
WorksterDM-VERSION in the source should say the version it's at in 13123:40
Worksterwell i am on 130 now and no issues23:41
frinnstVersion 1.02.108 - 15th September 201523:44
frinnst====================================== Do not check for full thin pool when activating without messages (1.02.107).23:44
frinnstthe only change - pushed23:44
Worksterhmm i'll go poke the lvm devs, gentoo is on 116 and arch is on 125 i was on 128 for ages now 130 but 131 now exists.23:44
Worksterno idea why gentoo are lagging so far behind and arch23:45
Worksterthere was one breakage a very long time ago in 8x but nothing since then23:45
Worksterjust waits for a reply from them in lvm. they might be asleep atm23:53
frinnstlike I should be23:56
frinnstspent my entire weekend and tonight wrangling our backups in order23:57
frinnstsent a mail to my boss saying i was sleeping in tomorrow23:57

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