IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-09-19

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rmullI need to set up a bug tracker - how do you guys like flyspray from an administrative point of view? I see they haven't had an official release in years, but their github seems quite active14:49
rmullI have a lot of experience with running the kayako bug tracker but I don't like their "open core" model14:50
frinnstI dont have much to compare fs to16:10
jaegerFlyspray just seems ok to me but same, I don't have experience with others to compare16:16
rmullOkay, thanks.16:25
frinnstIf you want something to quickly set up, I'd recommend Jira16:41
frinnstbut its not free iirc16:41
jaegerI think it's free for a very small installation, or very cheap16:41
jaegerlike 10 users?16:41
jaegerI've heard good things about it, haven't used it myself16:41
frinnstiirc we had to pay a license for that for a customer16:41
jaegerah, it's monthly, I guess. $10/month for 10 users16:42
jaegerthough they do have a "free for open source projects" thing16:43
frinnstyeah our customer required the service desk addon too16:43
frinnstcheck out the price on that :D16:43
frinnst100 agents - $30K16:44
jaegerthat ramps up quickly, wow16:44
prologicwhoo made it! so tired18:14
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prologicyeah :)22:24

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