IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-09-20

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pitillormull: one nice alternative and very customizable is otrs12:08
pitilloI've used zendesk and currently using jira at work (both are non free and jira is a powerfull one)12:08
pitilloflyspray is nice but if you want more customized queques and frontend access for public access... otrs is a very nice option12:09
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frinnstwe used otrs for a while as a help desk/ticket thingy12:24
frinnstdont remember what was wrong with it, but we went back to RT12:25
frinnstrt is very powerful too, if you're a perl wrangler12:25
frinnstnot sure how rt would work as a public bugtracker, but iirc both openssl and perl uses it12:26
frinnstanybody have any suggestions on how to track sourceforge releases with ck4up?14:37
frinnst for example14:37
frinnstalso mesaed 10.6.8 was just released - im on 11 so would be nice if someone else could test14:39
frinnsthow's your schedule this week, jaeger? could you roll a new 3.2 iso sometime this week perhaps?14:41
frinnstwe will need to force-upgrade ncurses due to the so crap we ran into14:42

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