IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-09-21

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juefrinnst: the following works for me for many but not all SF ports ->
juefrinnst: will do the mesa update08:41
prologicfrinnst: we releasing 3.2 soon?09:53
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frinnstIt would be nice to, yes12:14
frinnstdevelopment seems to have stagnated a bit lately. Time to change that :)12:14
Romsterjaeger, needs to get LUKS support in the iso12:18
Romsterbeen waiting on jue and tek to be less busy and i haven't done a lot lately.12:19
Romsterso much going on my end.12:19
prologicfrinnst: let's turn me into a core dev and I'll try to help out where I can :) haha12:44
prologicmaintaining contrib ports is boring :)12:44
jaegerfrinnst: not a problem to build another one this week13:08
Romstertry adding in compat-32 and everything else xorg and opt13:08
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teK__did I not commit the footprint? looks like it17:22
teK__fixed. thx..17:42
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