IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-09-22

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frinnstmy god, the "new" udev naming of if's is so stupid18:21
frinnstjust added a new sata card in a box - whoop - new nic name18:21
frinnstenp2s0 -> enp3s018:22
frinnst80-net-name-slot.rules ftw18:27
frinnstoh joy, firefox 42 defaults to gtk320:51
frinnstnow I have to scroll through my bookmarks.. cant have all of them fit on my fucking screen now, can we?20:51
frinnstother than that, the gtk3 build feels a lot more snappy21:04
jaegerthat's good, 40+ has been really underwhelming so far21:07
nomiusfrinnst: I doin't run Firefox, mind showing a screenshot of it with gtk3?21:40
nomiusJust saw on google...21:42
nomiusDoes it look to me or it's starting to look more and more like chrome(iun)?21:42
frinnstjust rebuilt it with gtk2, sorry22:28
frinnstand zzz time22:28
frinnstit looks more or less as it always has imo22:31
frinnstbut they did switch the address bar and tabs around22:32
frinnst <- 42.0b1 with gtk222:36
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