IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-09-23

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frinnsthere is gtk3:
jaegerheh, why not just take a shot of the firefox window if your outside screens are blank? :)13:42
jaegerlooks alright, though13:43
nomiusDamn, you have a big monitor13:46
jaegerfrinnst: I did build a new 3.2 ISO this week, were you the one who wanted it?13:50
frinnstfeels like we need to get some rc's out the door or something14:52
jaeger (and .md5)14:57
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jaegerheyo, jue16:04
jueguys, apologize for beeing not very active the last weeks, but I'm now finally back at home and read to work :)16:10
jueand yes, I think too that a rc would be nice16:12
jueI have 3.2 running on my laptop and didn't find anything suspicious16:14
jaegerjue: any thoughts on the git ports driver and cryptsetup?16:14
juehaving cryptsetup on the iso sounds like a good idea16:24
juethough not sure about git resp. the driver16:25
juejaeger: do you think that we should replace our rsync setup on with git?16:26
jueneed some food now, bbl16:28
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jaegerjue: I don't think rsync should be replaced but I don't have any objection to adding the git driver as an option if it's stable and robust now17:54
jueok, that's fine for me as well17:58
jaegerseems like it's packaged with opt/git already but I'm not sure if that's the current version18:00
jueme neither, didn't used it until now18:15
juebut frinnst and teK__ are using the git driver IIRC18:16
teK__I think there's an update I need to apply18:17
jueteK__: btw, cryptsetup 1.6.8 works without problems for me18:21
teK__subtle hint, thanks :)18:42
juenp :)18:43
frinnstI used the git driver before we had rsync set up for 3.219:47
frinnstand its very fragile19:47
frinnstif you do local changes in /usr/ports/core/<whatever>19:47
frinnstand then resync19:48
frinnstits a good addon for users wanting to host their own repos, but not much more imo.19:48
teK__what hapens on resync19:57
frinnstwell, same thing as if you try to fetch when having uncommitted local changes in a repo21:48
teK__sounds reasonable21:51
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