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juewell, I think we shouldn't delay anything because of a/the git driver. Anyway it's not important to have it on the ISO, IMO.09:36
frinnstso what remains. cryptsetup on the iso?09:54
frinnstdo we need initramfs tools for that, then?09:54
jueif we want an encrypted /, yes10:02
juebut I'd suggest to stay without an initramfs as long as possible10:03
juefor me it's sufficient to encrypt my /home on the laptop10:06
juewhich works out of the box without having the ports tree in place if cryptsetup is on the ISO10:08
jueI've just closed tickets 1204 and 1209, dunno if #1029 is still open?10:19
juemy suggestion wrt encrypted / would be to prepare a special ISO image after 3.2 if teK__ or someone else finds the time and energy to finally do the work10:22
jueI know that teK__ is a big fan of it since some years but we/he never get the works done so far ;)10:24
juewe already have static versions of important binaries like cryptsetup.static or mdadm.static in our packages but nothing more ...10:27
juefrinnst: is the "clean out core" from TODO32 already finished?10:29
frinnstI believe so, yes11:48
frinnstwe moved the filesystem thingies atleast11:48
frinnstyeah they have all been moved out11:49
frinnstI can adopt xfsprogs and btrfs-progs since I use those11:49
frinnstright now they are maintained by the core team according to the Pkgfile11:50
juehmm, not sure but it shouldn't be a problem if the core team maintains some opt ports?12:00
juebut feel free to adopt if you like12:08
frinnstyeah I dont mind12:08
Romsterdropping rp-ppoe keeping ppp in opt or core and on the iso?12:09
Romsteri would like lvm2 on the iso so i can mount LVs to install too but that can wait. no rush on it.12:09
Romsterjust wanan get this out it's been sitting awhile.12:10
jueRomster: good call, again I forgot the rp-pppoe thing12:10
jueok, rp-pppoe removed12:12
Romster:) i am usually pretty good with remembering.12:14
Romsteris the handbook links pointing to the correct branch this time?12:14
jueteK__: we should update libgcrypt to 1.6.4, includes a minor security fix12:14
Romsterlast iso release it was not.12:14
Romsteri probably have to do the man page move in opt on my stuff for 3.212:15
jueRomster: could you show me the wrong links, please?12:16
jueteK__: and gnupg 2.0.29, please12:20
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frinnstI have a real time understanding steffen on the mailinglist.. is it just me?12:50
frinnst*real hard time12:50
Romsterthat was on the release of crux 3.1 apparently the included handbook was for 3.012:50
Romsteri didn't actually go look for the actual commit for that.12:51
juefrinnst: indeed, sometimes it's not so easy ;)12:52
frinnsti've been running libpixman 0.32.8 here at work - no issues. I'll push it tonight unless someone beats me to it12:53
jueRomster: ok, will look12:54
Romsterjue, all i remember was it was spoken about after the release.12:55
Romsterand we just pointed them to the one on the website.12:55
Romsteri might forget things but i'm not /that/ bad. yet.12:56
juecurrently the script get_wiki_handbook from iso.git points to 3.1, but it looks like that jaeger has some unpushed changes13:00
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jueFYI, 3.2/core is up-to-date again13:15
jaegerwe already use an initramfs on the ISO for what that's worth13:24
jaegerI wouldn't advocate that we install one for the live system by default, though.13:24
juegood to see that we concur here :)13:28
juejaeger: do you have local changes to iso.git?13:29
jaegeryes, though very small13:32
jaegerI hadn't changed get_wiki_{handbook,releasenotes) yet since they didn't exist for 3.213:33
jaegerDoesn't looks like much needs to change from my local version except to update the get_wiki_* scripts and remove rp-pppoe13:37
juegreat, guess we are using the 4.1 longterm kernel?13:39
jaegerI always prefer longterm kernels for the ISO13:41
jaegerjust to be safe13:41
jueyep, that best13:42
jue*that is13:42
jaegerI'll bootstrap another 3.2 ISO today so you guys can test it with the latest packages if you have time13:42
frinnstdo we need to do something special for ncurses?13:43
frinnstsince we will need to force the install13:43
jaegersetup already uses pkgadd -f -u for upgrades13:45
frinnstah, goodie13:45
jaegerjue: my current diff is this:
jaegerpkgmk.conf can be ignored as well as the custom version in Makefile13:48
jaegerjust updated get_wiki_* locally after posting that13:48
jaegerI haven't tested kernel 4.1 yet but that's on my list to do today13:49
juejaeger: great, will update my old netbook14:08
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