IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-09-25

jaegerok, a test ISO is up. and .md500:51
jaegernot tested00:51
jaegerthe bootstrap finished hours ago but work was pretty busy today00:51
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juejaeger: haven't installed the iso yet, but I saw that we have the 3.1 docs on it10:48
nomiusHey guys!13:52
nomiusGood morning!13:52
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jaegerjue: yeah, I made that change in one VM but forgot in the other15:20
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jaegerI'll upload a new one with the proper docs in a few minutes15:50
jaegerok, an updated one is uploaded to the same location16:08
frinnstwoah, 371mb. our iso is getting fat!17:12
jaegeryeah. I remember when it fit on those smaller CDs17:13
jaeger <-- on sale again19:54
jaegeroops, wrong channel. sorry :)19:56
jaegerRomster: pycparser looks like it might have gotten a ninja upstream tarball update, md5sum mismatches22:16

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