IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-09-26

Romsterlooks that way jaeger01:36
Romsterwhy would they do that than to release a new version01:36
Romsterif that was the right file.... i hate this no names crap01:49
Romsteryeah it is...01:49
Romsterjaeger, fixed02:12
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Romstergstreamer 1.6.0 is just out wonder if firefox can use that05:07
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juejaeger: I'm not able to select one of the fb* boot options10:51
juejaeger: just finished setup of a new install, will report further10:52
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jaegerhow odd, I wonder why that would have broken13:15
jaegerI'll be out of town for a good part of the day today, will try to test it this evening13:20
frinnstRomster: is a version bump enough?14:01
frinnstseems to work14:07
frinnstno need to rebuild firefox it seems14:07
jueanother thing I run into with two boxes, both with intel gpu, is the problem descripted by LFS here ->  "Working around problems with the Intel driver"14:31
juejaeger: at all the installation of 3.2 works well, no problems14:32
juewrt the Xorg problem: I got a xorg-server segfault which I can fix by using uxa for AccelMethod14:35
jueif someone else can confirm the problem I'd suggest to add a intel.conf to xorg-xf86-video-intel14:37
frinnstyeah I had that too at work14:37
frinnsti worked around it by using glamor14:38
frinnstiirc its fixed in git, but not sure14:38
frinnstperhaps rolling our own tarball might be better?14:38
juewell, I'll try tomorrow if the problem is fixed with latest gir14:39
juemesa 11.0.1 is out ;)14:42
juefrinnst: btw, I've added qpdfview to opt in 3.2, works very well for me even though I like mupdf much but sometimes I need to print a pdf and that's not possible with mupdf14:54
frinnstyeah thats how I use it too15:31
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frinnstyeah, no options seems to work on the iso20:59
frinnstboot options, that is21:00
jaegerfrinnst, jue: yes, same on all intel GPUs for me, using the git version works21:29
jaegerregarding the boot options, what happens when you try? any errors?21:30
frinnstno, just boots the installer21:33
jaegerwithout changing the video mode?21:43
jaegerI'll check the kernel config when I have time, still need to put it into git... but I just got home a bit ago and already getting pulled away to something else22:25
frinnstno worries23:30
frinnstyeah, it just boots the vga installer. dts and memtest doesnt work either23:30
frinnstor what that hardware detect thingy is called23:30

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