IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-09-27

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jueok, intel-git works for me as well, already pushed to 3.210:55
jaegerHrmm, that sounds like a syslinux problem if they all fail like that14:17
jaegerweird, I've got no idea what's wrong with syslinux16:42
frinnstis the git repo up to date?17:08
jaegerexcept for the kernel configs that I forgot to upload, yes. I'll push those in a few minutes, cooking at the moment17:10
frinnstyeah, very strange17:18
frinnstI dont understand how it magically boots /boot/vmlinuz for everything17:22
jaegerok, kernel configs are up17:23
jaegeryeah, I've never seen syslinux do that before, it's always just worked properly17:23
jaegerI think it's falling back to the default entry, not specifically booting /boot/vmlinuz17:23
jaegerI have no idea why, though17:23
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frinnsthas anybody seen Maximilian Dietrich (doom) recently?22:30
frinnstI dont remember his irc-nick22:30
frinnstdoom-something i guess?22:30
jaegernot I that I can recall22:56
frinnstah right. yeah last commit was 6+ months ago22:59
frinnsthe has a bug open with a patch attached for mpv. I dont like people just dropping off without any notification23:00
jaegeryeah, bit odd23:00
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