IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-09-28

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Worksteri pushed to contrib/3.1 but it's not there on ports -u contrib05:07
Workstershould be 1.6.0 now05:08
frinnstdid you get any errors during git push?12:33
frinnstit manually copies the tree to the rsync location in a git post-hook12:34
juefrinnst: you mean today?13:13
frinnstwhat? romsters issue?13:14
frinnstlooking at the timestaps it looks like nothing has been pushed since aug 3113:16
Romsterno errors at all13:32
Romster;a=summary 9 hours ago13:33
Romster5 commits13:33
Romster2 to opt went though fine.13:33
Romsterand ports -u opt worked.13:33
frinnstso, contrib is still very broken in other words13:33
jaegerthere's probably a perms issue in contrib still13:34
Romstergit to rsync in contrib gave no errors13:34
frinnsti havent had any issues with core/opt/xorg either so13:34
Romsterwhen i pushed13:34
jaegerI've only fixed them as they've come up because the root cause still isn't identified13:34
Romsterand we haven't had cruxbot in god knows how long.13:34
frinnstyeah sepen killed him since he was flooded in emails13:34
Romstercan't it all run as the git user?13:36
Romsterthat's how i do it on gitolite13:36
jaegernot with the current setup13:37
Romsterhonestly feel like using the git driver but too lazy too... and it's not as robust.13:38
Romstercan you manually run the post hook for git to rsync?13:39
Romsterfor contrib13:39
frinnstyeah, it should just be a simple script iirc13:40
jaegerI can do that in a bit, catching up with work stuff now13:43
jaegerinteresting data point regarding the 3.2 ISO and syslinux failing - I built a 3.2 ISO on my 3.1 ISO CI VM and it works. So something about syslinux built on 3.2 (maybe gcc 5.2?) causes the breakage, looks like14:11
jaegerhooks in contrib.git are not executable. that's odd14:18
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frinnstjaeger: cool15:02
frinnsttheir git repo looks very active15:03
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frinnstcool, ive seeded 35gb of the crux 3.1 iso21:12
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Worksterman contrib wasn't rsynced longer than i  had thought23:02

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