IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-09-29

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jaegersyslinux is always such a pain in the ass to compile, so annoying03:37
jaegerevery goddamn release is different and the git repo is worse03:38
jaegerguess I'll go back to using the prebuilt version for the ISO... ironically I wondered if that would be a problem when I switched to the system version03:53
jaegerseemed fine in 3.103:53
juefrinnst: any problems with mesa 11?07:50
Romsteri'm home, what needs to be done that i can do?07:51
Romsterin order of priority07:52
Romsterstart on the man page migration in my ports on 3.2?07:52
Romstershould i be making contrib 3.2 yet?07:53
Romsteror still too soon07:53
frinnstnope, noticed he released an emergency update last night08:22
jueso let's use mesa 11 with 3.2?08:45
frinnstyeah i'd say so08:45
jueok, please do08:45
juefrinnst: FYI, just pushed a fix for unzip, wrong man-page location09:55
frinnstah, goodie10:26
jaegerok, prebuilt syslinux 6.03 works fine as well, definitely something about the version in 3.2 opt that's odd13:16
jaeger(rather something about how it's built)13:16
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frinnstanybody remember why we run autoreconf for mesa3d?20:16
frinnsti've tested 11 without it without any wierdness20:18
frinnstjust pushed my version to xorg/3.2 - feel free to change it20:18
jaegerperhaps it was needed in the past but no longer20:19
frinnstI just commented it out for now20:21
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