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Worksterfrinnst, that was when mesa3d's automake was way to old compared to what crux uses06:11
Worksterwhich isn't the case currently06:11
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Workstermesa3d 11.0.2 is out06:12
frinnstyeah thats the version i pushed07:46
frinnstok good07:46
juefrinnst: because the shipped configure doesn't work for us, probably our autoconf stuff was too new, but dunno remember exactly08:11
frinnstyeah we should probably comment stuff like that in the pkgfile more often :)08:16
Romsterneed comments i can't recall what i did yesterday :P08:31
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jaegerbootstrapping another ISO today with syslinux fixes and mesa3d13:40
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rmullI ended up installing Redmine to evaluate as an issue tracker instead of flyspray19:40
rmullThere is a bit of pain associated with setup (this was my first ruby/rails experience) but it seems pretty decent as an issue trakcer19:41
pitilloteK__: (or someone else) can you take a look to enlightenment git repo hook to fix the gitweb issue please?19:55
pitilloif it's possible, point default head in gitweb to 3.1 (and if it's interesting, crux bot irc notify too)19:57
frinnstI think jaeger knows whats up with git/rsync best by now :)20:01
frinnstand iirc, sepen controls crux-bot20:01
jaegerI tweaked the git and rsync repos for it20:36
jaegerThere's something very odd about gitweb, I don't see immediately how it's determining the head to show20:36
jaegerthere's some custom code in gitweb.cgi but the branches don't match. some 2.8 and 3.0 in there, no 3.1s20:36
pitillothank you very much jaeger (gitweb shows again the repo)20:39
jaegerwho set up the gitweb heads anyway? how does it work?20:54
frinnstim not sure21:25
frinnstI have a vague recollection of me changing it for the x86_64 repos waaaay back21:25
frinnstguess not when looking at it21:27
frinnstthink you set it in the git repo itself21:34
frinnstyeah, you just edit the HEAD file21:39
frinnstpitillo: now points to 3.121:39
pitillogreat frinnst, thank you very much21:40
pitilloI've been checking at and we set it up from gitweb.cgi with custom heads21:40
frinnstour default heads in gitweb.cgi points to stuff like 2.421:45
frinnstcrap like kde4 still points to 3.0 ... :(21:46
frinnstlooks crappy21:46
jaegerah, weird. good to know, though21:57
jaegerI need to change system/iso.git anyway21:57
frinnst4.1.9 seems broken according to lwn comments22:00
frinnstif you're thinking of rolling a new iso22:00
jaegerI'll stick with 4.1.822:01
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jaegerok, there's an -alpha1 ISO up in the same folder22:33
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