IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-10-01

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jaegerregarding cryptsetup, since that seems to be the next logical thing for me to work on for the ISO, do we add cryptsetup and its deps to the ISO packages? That's how most things with the ISO work but I remember vaguely some past discussion about using the static binary instead03:28
Workstereh static binary is for initramfs use04:01
Worksterunless you want to keep the iso lite. but then you still need the package for cryptosetup for installing on the system anyways04:01
juejaeger: to have cryptsetup on the ISO was requested sometimes, probably a good idea even though it blows up the ISO notable08:01
juewell, let's say s/notable/a bit/08:01
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jaegerI'll add it for the next build19:26
jaeger3.2 seems to be working well for me so far. Haven't tested heavy 3d stuff yet but regular desktop use is fine20:06
frinnstyep, running it everywhere here (except on arm)20:18
jaegerrunning into a problem where 64-bit wine doesn't work anymore... though a 32-bit wine prefix works23:49

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