IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-10-02

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jaegerI think I ran into that before, no idea if I fixed it or not. Don't remember01:11
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frinnstjaeger, are you on 5.5 U3 yet? :D11:42
jaegerI don't think so. That sucks14:30
jaegerfrinnst: for what it's worth I've been using 6 at home for quite some time now. It's been solid for my free hypervisor setup but I haven't switched at work yet14:35
frinnstyeah there are some serious bugs apparently14:41
frinnsti've only heard what veeam has said about it, but they do *not* recommend switching to it at the moment14:41
jaegergood to know14:41
frinnsti patched to u3 3 days ago.. :)14:42
jaegerI updated all my stuff pretty recently but I think it was pre-u314:42
frinnstyeah it was released mid september i think14:42
frinnst <- might be useful14:44
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