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nomiusOn U3, WMware confirmed today (02/10) that removing a snapshot could break a VM...02:08
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frinnstnomius: are you also responsible for a 5.5 cluster?11:12
frinnstwe only run it on our internal infrastructure, and thats pretty static. So i've disabled our backups for now11:13
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juefrinnst: I have implemented FS#1222 with 10.6.9, will keep the ticket open until it's fixed in 3.2 too13:38
frinnstah, i had missed that bug14:17
frinnstpushed, I'll close the ticket14:22
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teK__jaeger: I think that simone set up gitweb17:32
teK__I need someone with gui-FOO to discuss gtk2/3 thingies wrt wireshark17:45
teK__who is up, frinnst, jaeger?17:45
teK__it's related to .. should I switch wireshark to gtk3 and add the icon set as a dep?17:45
jaegerI don't mind if you switch it to gtk3, I have both installed anyway17:47
teK__ suggests otherwhise..17:47
teK__i.e. it seems to be using gtk3 (if available?). I am not sure what the route for crux 3.2 will be?17:48
teK__I don't know a bit about gtk ;)17:48
jaegerwell, if you're the wireshark maintainer, I'd say it's up to you. I can use it either way :)17:48
teK__so these reports are related. Will it hurt to force gtk3 on people "just" because of wireshark?17:49
jaegerI read that to mean "if built with gtk2, icons work" and "if built with gtk3, the icon theme package is required"17:49
teK__yeah, something like that. On the other hand, my guess is that things are going to shift to v3?17:49
jaegergtk2 and gtk3 coexist without trouble, fortunately17:49
jaegerit's up to apps to deal with both being available :)17:50
teK__so we should provide the icon theme in opt if not already present and add a hint to the README?17:50
teK__I do not have a strong opinion on this either17:50
jaegerdo YOU use gtk3?17:51
teK__I checked and I have both gtk and gtk317:51
jaegerhrmm. I was going to suggest that if you only used gtk2, then force wireshark to use gtk217:51
teK__hehe, sorry :P17:52
teK__I think we should leave it open and provide the icon package.17:53
jaegerseems like a decent compromise17:53
jaegeradd a note in the readme, I guess17:53
teK__and I have to maintain the gnome-icon thingy17:55
teK__Romster: mind me ripping of your (surely) fine port? :)17:55
teK__oh boy17:59
teK__that theme pulls in another two dependencies17:59
teK__srsly gnome17:59
teK__# Depends on: intltool icon-naming-utils hicolor-icon-theme librsvg17:59
teK__and WS is set to use gtk3 (by default)18:02
teK__ in case frinnst wants to follow up18:10
frinnstfirefox defaults to gtk3 with the next release18:42
frinnstand its actually much more snappy18:42
frinnstthemes still suck though18:43
frinnstif you require more deps with gtk3, i'd say stick with gtk2 :)18:44
frinnstAnd im not sure adding a icon theme to the *dependencies* is the right choice either unless the program actually doesnt work without it18:45
frinnstit might be "nice to have", but not a dependency18:46
teK__the hicolor theme fixes things18:46
teK__with no additional deps18:46
frinnstah, goodie then18:47
teK__without hicolor18:47
teK__so hicolor >> README | >> nice to have?18:51
jaegerthat does look weird without all the icons18:57
jaegerI would call it a dep rather than nice to have, I think18:58
jaegerbecause even though the program may technically function it doesn't look "correct" and unless you know what those buttons do or they have mouseover help, you're screwed18:58
teK__will decide finally after torturing my CPU a little more :P19:00
teK__ws uses gtk3 if not specified otherwhise19:19
teK__no autodetection19:19
teK__awesome.. so we stick with gtk3 and hicolor as a hard dep.19:19
jaegerdoh! my 3.1 ISO CI is failing for some reason19:56
teK__CI? :)19:56
teK__or: while true; sleep 1d; ... ;done ;>19:56
jaegerI was using jenkins originally but I wasn't doing anything that required its features so now it's a cron job and bash script19:57
teK__no git push tiggers or are you checking manually19:57
jaegerjust building a new ISO weekly19:57
teK__ah alright19:58
jaegerIt's rare that nothing changes in a week19:58
jaeger"CI" is an overgenerous term in this case :) but it gets the point across19:59
teK__I figured19:59
teK__nice thing anyway19:59
teK__I highly value automatisation19:59
jaegeryeah, just trying to automate builds of the -updated ISO19:59
frinnstI dont want to get replaced by a tiny shell script!20:00
teK__there is even a function/alias for my git commits for version bumping crux ports ;)20:00
frinnstdoing stuff manually ftw!20:00
teK__oldschool for real20:00
teK__you so hardcore :}20:00
jaegerI still do some things manually but not all :)20:07
teK__SSH, for when the dd-wrt web ui sucks :}20:12

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