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Romsteryou can rip the port teK__01:31
Romsteri have enough to maintain as it is01:32
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nomiusfrinnst: Yes, I'm responsible for 6 vCenters in 5.5 running 7000 VMs in total...02:42
nomiusGuys, quick question... Has anyone noted that there's two gperf ports? One in core and another in opt which makes ports -d get always confused because they are both in different build versions?02:44
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frinnstnomius: gperf was added in core for 3.210:16
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frinnstoh man, have you hit that bug?10:17
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nomiusfrinnst: in opt 3.2, gperf is also there...17:01
nomiusAnd I saw it was just removed :-)17:02
jaegerugh, I really should have been smarter about the 3.1 ISO tree before switching to master17:12
frinnstwasnt a 3.1 tag enough?17:59
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jaegerbefore we were using the specific branch for each release development cycle, now I'm using master as the current dev branch, until release19:16
jaegerbut I'm still updating 3.1 with tweaks and fixes19:17
jaegerI made some 3.2 changes in master and have just confused the tree a bit. Sorting it out as I go19:17
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jaegerRomster: I'm running into this with wine again, do you remember what the problem was?
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frinnstdosfstools is now added to the 3.2 iso?19:45
jaegerRomster: this only happens with a 64-bit wine prefix, for reference19:48
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juejaeger: did some tests with alpha1, works well, no issues :)20:11
jaegergood deal :)20:15
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