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Romsterjaeger, i had an idea, build wine using bash instead of dash. see if that solves it on 3.1 other than that it has to be glibc or gcc07:55
Romsterhow new of a card would that work on? probably not worth me getting one with the GTX750 doing what i need for now09:49
Romsterwrong channel10:07
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jaegerRomster: I'll give it a try when I get back home tonight, sure13:00
jaegerI'd be surprised if that's the issue because it does build fine and runs 32-bit, but I'll try it13:01
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jaegerregarding cryptsetup support on the ISO - are we talking about full encrypted rootfs or are we talking about encrypted /home?16:06
jaegerwe'll need to add some support to the startup scripts/fstab, too16:06
juethe second one, a full encrypted / would be too much work for 3.2 now16:09
jueI'd say we just add the package to the ISO, not more16:11
jaegerI'll add it for an alpha 2 and we can check it out. How do we handle it when booting the installed system, though?16:13
jaegerthe startup scripts need some kind of awareness16:13
juewell, on my laptop I've a call to cryptsetup in my rc.local16:16
jueI tend to leave this to our users16:17
juebut if you have some ideas that's even good for me16:17
jaegersome distros have a crypttab file, is that distro-specific or something that cryptsetup expects?16:20
jaegercrypttab isn't mentioned in the cryptsetup manpage16:21
jaegerfrom what I can find it appears systemd or pam_mount are common options for that so it's not a cryptsetup daemon type thing16:24
jaegerI'll play with some logic for parsing crypttab, too16:25
teK__there still are diffs / initrds to buld upon for 3.2 (encrypting /) ..18:51
jueteK__: well, I've added all the *.static bins to our ports, but the we still miss e.g. the busybox port you have promised to add ;)18:55
jaegerteK__: if you want to finish up your work on that front, feel free :)18:56
jueand as alway, we should start working on that much earlier in our new release cycle18:56
jaegerI don't use it, myself, so that's not been a focus18:56
jueme neither, so it's mostly up to teK__ to do the real work18:57
juefor sure, we will help if we can ;)18:57
jaegerIt seems like adding cryptsetup to the ISO for encrypted /home isn't too hard but full encryption will take more18:57
jaegerRegarding initramfs type things, would something like dracut be suitable for doing it in a generic way?18:58
jaegerI made my own minimal initramfs creation script but it doesn't have support for anything like cryptsetup, lvm, etc.18:58
jueat all I'm very cofident with the state of our 3.2 and think we should try to do a first official rc not so far away19:01
jaegerI'm bootstrapping one with cryptsetup now, maybe that'll be a good place to start RCs19:02
juefine, let's go with it :)19:03
teK__jaeger: I have the initramfs.lst file and bb binaries for the initrd.. I think it is rather CRUXy in a way that it's simple in very easily extendible ;)19:04
jaegerprobably similar to my mkinitramfs port, then, though I didn't include binaries but instead the config file to compile busybox19:05
teK__it's based off of the ISO's Make file, yes19:05
teK__true :)19:05
teK__why reinvent the wheel19:06
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