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Worksterwe should just have hooks so users can add to it02:17
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WorksterLibdbh is a small library to create and manage 64-bit disk based hash tables.06:22
WorksterLibdbh is quite similar to GNU gdbm, but is intended for increased performance when the number of records in your database is in the millions range or above.06:22
Worksterbe interesting06:22
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jueguys, basically I have nothing against a rewrite of our rc stuff.08:56
jueRemember, actually we had a quite cool rewrite from Michal Soltys which had exactly the modules/hooks teK__ is taking about now.08:56
jueAnd I was not against it. But for some reason we don't want it.08:57
jueThat's past and out of question now.08:57
jueIf we want something like this we should start to develop it now, not for the upcoming 3.2 but for the next one, let's say 4.0.08:58
jueAs I said many times I'm strictly against big last minute changes.08:58
jueAnd adding a new rc or a _optional_ and working initram solution is a big change IMO.08:59
jueteK__: for sure, I like the modular approach, but not if it become too complicated and I hate the tests for binaries in our rc as well08:59
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jueteK__: I still have the hope that it might be possible to replace at least the lvm specific calls in rc with a udev rule09:00
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jueRomster: but I'm still waiting for an answer to that question09:00
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juefinally, I'd really suggest to release 3.2 soon, it's a pain to maintain two different port branches ;)09:04
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Romsterjue, i'll work on it for 3.3 or 4.0 which ever comes out first.10:51
Romsteri've been super busy and moody and been using the time i get to relax and exercise10:52
frinnstjue: I didnt like the rewrite :)10:53
frinnstI actually *really* like our init scripts. but sure, they are somewhat limited depending on what people may want10:54
frinnstbut they are easily replaceable. various people run all sorts of things, even systemd :)10:55
frinnstI say we get 3.2 out the door asap and why not have a longer devel cycle for the next release with optional initramfs, cryptsetup and other stuff?11:06
jaegerjue: why the hate for binary checks in the init scripts? It's a simple way to avoid error conditions, I feel12:29
jaegerjue: regarding releasing soon, I'm uploading a first RC this morning if it tests ok12:32
frinnstanybody managed to build chromium on 3.2?13:23
jaegerI've not tried yet13:25
jaeger (and .md5)13:49
juejaeger: thx, dowloading now15:33
jaegernp, let me know if something breaks15:34
jaegerI've done a quick VirtualBox install which was fine but I still need to test UEFI, etc.15:35
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frinnstshould we announce it on the ML?16:03
jueyeah, we should. I've just verified that it's possible to boot the iso from a usb-stick and that a update works as it should16:18
jaegerAre you booting on real hardware or a VM?16:20
jaegerIf on real hardware would you check something for me?16:20
jueon real hardware16:20
juesure, what?16:20
jaegerboot into HDT and check if it shows the right modules for devices16:21
jaegeron my VM it was saying unknown or something similar and I haven't tested it on real hardware yet16:21
juehmm, the same on my Samsung netbook, it shows all PCI devices correct, but always 'unknown' for Module16:27
jaegerok, thanks. I'll try to figure that out but I don't feel like it's a showstopper16:29
jaegerEFI install in virtualbox worked but elilo crashes the VM.16:49
jaegerwhich is unlikely to change as elilo has been abandoned16:53
jaegerworks with grub2-efi, though17:01
jaegerjue: Looks like HDT needs a modules.pcimap or modules.alias file to go with pci.ids, so I'll add that17:53
jaegerthat may not be fixable, actually... modules.pcimap is no longer generated by depmod and modules.alias only contains information relevant to the machine it's on17:59
teK__jue:  I very much agree with the time frame. now (== after releasing 3.2) offers very much opportunity to test things and make sure they are elegant, brief and stable :)21:14
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