IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-10-09

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jaegerteK__: when you get a chance please check out elilo in 3.2, it doesn't work for me on a VM or real hardware19:01
jaegerxorg-server, mesa3d, and glu seem broken on a fresh install of 3.2 - perhaps due to missing xorg-libxxf86vm dep19:14
jaegeryeah, looks like one of those situations where it's not a hard dep but builds if installed19:18
jaegerwhich results in a possible broken fresh install19:19
juejaeger: what means broken, isn't libxf86vm installed by default?19:36
jaegerIt's not19:38
jaegerxorg-xgamma and xorg-xdpyinfo depend on it, nothing else in the xorg tree seems to19:39
juehmm, it's in packages.xorg?19:39
jaegerso if you install one of those apps, you're fine. if you don't, broken linkage in mesa3d, glu, and xorg-server19:39
jueah, I understand now, sorry19:40
jaegerthis has been an issue in the past with xorg-xset (maybe others) but xorg-server and mesa3d are a bit more important :)19:41
jueindeed, let's add it to the deps of xorg-server19:43
jaegerok. Should it also be added to the others? Is there any situtation where a user might want to install mesa3d without xorg-server?19:44
jueok, so mesa3d seems to be the better place because xorg-server depends on mesa3d19:46
jaegerhrmm, yeah19:47
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