IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-10-10

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juejaeger: done, added xorg-libxxf86vm to mesa13:29
jaegerok, cool.13:52
juejaeger: have you found other problems than that?14:02
jaegerI forgot to put efivar into the ISO packages but that's a very easy fix14:09
jaegerelilo doesn't seem to work so I asked teK__ to check that out since he's more familiar with it14:09
jaegerother than those 2 and the libxxf86vm thing it seems pretty solid14:10
jaegerI think an ML announcement would be good, then a few days to see if other users run into things we didn't14:10
jaegerI have to go to work in a few minutes to do some firewall maintenance, will be gone a while14:10
jueok, would you mind to write the ann later?14:14
jaegerI was going to suggest you go ahead and do it while I'm gone but I can do it later, sure14:16
juejaeger: thx, I would do it but I have to leave for the rest of the day14:22
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jaegerannouncement sent16:37
frinnstbtw, sorry for my lack of participation. I'll probably have a lot of crap to do in the following weeks. My mum passed last sunday. funeral crap and other trite to take care of19:27
jaegerSorry to hear it. Anything we can do to help?19:27
frinnstNah, crux is a nice distraction19:28
jaegerFair enough19:28
frinnstBut if i miss a port update, feel free to poke me19:29
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