IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-10-11

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teK__jaeger: will do :)12:12
teK__frinnst: I'm sorry to hear that, too12:15
teK__jaeger: I had to modify some things in iso.git to make the process work, I can send a diff (mainly packages.opt and pkgmk adjustments)12:15
jaegerteK__: which process?13:48
teK__make bootstrap18:04
jaegerno changes should be necessary for that to work currently18:05
jaegerare you using the master branch and up to date?18:05
teK__I think so.. will check again (it built 3.2 by default)18:06
teK__dash was in opt.packages, for example18:06
teK__it's on the master branch, yeah18:18
jaegerdefinitely not totally correct, though18:18
jaegerdash isn't in packages.opt18:18
teK__I used the default branch after git clone18:20
jaegerwhich should be master, now18:21
teK__dash is not in opt.packages for a clean checkout. srsly, wtf18:21
teK__I did not user an old checkout, whatev..18:21
teK__got it working anyway, was just asking / thinking if there was need for me sending patches18:21
jaegerIf you find something actually broken, sure :)18:22
teK__build process worked etc.; need to integrate my crypt thingies and test..18:27
teK__btw.. any comments on my busybox port?18:27
jaegerI've not looked at it, myself18:27
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