IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-10-13

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juethere's a new eudev version available, 3.2.5, mostly hwdb and rule updates but one important change:11:04
juethat's not important for our eudev port but will break gudev11:05
jueso I'd suggest to do the update only in 3.211:06
frinnstsounds sane11:10
jaegerIs it getting put into a separate package or just removed entirely?12:39
frinnsthas anybody tried building chromium in 3.2?14:07
frinnstseems a patch is needed:
jaegerNot I14:57
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juejaeger: removed from eudev, but there's a gnome libgudev project at
juedunno if it is a replacement16:11
juebut seem so16:12
jaegerok, will have to check that out for MATE16:12
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