IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-10-14

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nomiusfrinnst: for chromium in 3.2, I attached a patch in the bug tracker and asked sepen to include it almost a month ago. Look at:
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juejaeger: you've sepens mail?12:51
jaegeryes. I'd prefer to let users set up their own iptables config (or none if they prefer)12:53
juejaeger: sorry, I meant the hurfbuzz issue12:54
jaegercan the cyclic dependency be fixed or is that an upstream problem?12:55
jueI don't think that it is fixable12:56
jueharfbuzz seems to be very intrusive and it's installed while building the ISO, so we should add it to the xorg deps in some way12:58
jaegerIf it makes sense to add it to libxft that's fine by me12:59
frinnstisnt it possible to disable harfbuzz in freetype?12:59
frinnstwe managed fine with it for so long anyways12:59
frinnstor doesnt that fix it?13:00
juesorry, dunno13:01
juebut yes, freetype has an option to disable it13:01
juebut we need it anyway for cairo, right?13:02
jueno, it was pango13:03
frinnstlast one is with freetype --with-harfbuzz=no13:03
juethe big question: is harfbuzz useful for freetype?13:04
frinnstwell, *sort off* i guess. but i think it bundles its own version13:04
frinnstand harfbuzz is a fork from it13:05
frinnstor something like that13:05
jaegershould we be looking at harfbuzz-ng anyway? It's replaced harfbuzz-old as far as I know13:05
jaeger1.x versions13:05
frinnstThe old HarfBuzz codebase, these days known as harfbuzz-old, was derived from FreeType, Pango, and Qt and is available here. It is not actively developed or maintained, and is extremely buggy. All users are encouraged to switch over to the new HarfBuzz as soon as possible.13:05
jaegeryeah, that13:05
frinnstopt/harfbuzz is harfbuzz-ng13:06
jaegerI know pretty much nothing about it, I'll admit13:06
jaegerand I'm on 3.1 here so hadn't checked which version is in 3.2 opt13:06
jueit's 1.0.313:07
jaegerok, ignore me :)13:08
frinnstah, yeah i was worried the 1.0 change would break things so I left it as-is in 3.113:08
frinnst3.1/opt/harfbuzz is still harfbuzz-ng though13:08
jueso what's best to do?13:12
jueI think it's installed in most cases, so we should use it for freetype13:16
jueand adding it as a dep to libxft solves the issue sepen had13:18
frinnstim fine with either13:19
frinnstand harfbuzz is probably a good(tm) thing for freetype13:19
jueyeah, I think so too13:19
jaegerno objection here, I don't really know it well13:19
juebtw, 1.0.5 has been released yesterday ;)13:20
frinnstyeah I have a bunch of updates waiting for me :)13:20
frinnstand freetype 2.6.1 was released a week or so ago :)13:20
jueok, I'll add the new dep to libxft in 3.213:21
juefrom LFS: ... after harfbuzz is installed reinstall freetype13:26
juejaeger: you are right, we shouldn't do anything with iptables13:30
frinnstindeed, thats the users job/choice14:35
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dlcusaThe one thing to do with iptables is tell the users about CRUX' iptables policy in the handbook and17:14
dlcusaindicate it would be a Good Thing to implement it.17:15
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