IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-10-16

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juefrinnst: just saw that your latest commits to opt (glib, pango etc.) are 3.2 only?13:21
frinnstyeah couldnt be bothered to test them on 3.1 right then13:22
frinnsti'll backport them this weekend if there are no issues13:23
jueok, fine13:23
frinnsti dont think there would be any issues but I dont like to blindly push things13:23
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onoderaHi, I think I found a pretty serious bug in the 3.2rc1 iso14:49
onoderafor some reason my keyboard doesn't work at all.14:50
onoderawhen booting the iso that is14:50
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onoderaI tried two different (usb) keyboards and both don't work15:21
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rmullonodera: I haven't tried the rc, but have you tried different USB ports?16:59
rmullAnd is it USB 2 or 3, or both?17:00
onoderayes, and bother are 217:00
rmullAnd presumably the same keyboard works to arrow around in your BIOS?17:01
onoderayes, it even works in the crux uso when typing CRUX to launch the crux kernel17:01
onoderaand in the new hardware detenction tool included with the iso17:01
onoderathis is the keyboard17:04
onoderaall dmesg related stuff (this is from my current crux pc where it just works)17:13
onoderawell I'm gonna install via ssh :017:15
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onoderaTried changing the kernel the iso uses, that didt't really work out...17:56
jueonodera: that's strange indeed, I have the same or similar keyboard, works just fine19:03
onoderaany other thing that can cause this?19:04
rmullIf you get in over ssh, I'd check the dmesg output when the keyboard is plugged in19:05
onoderadoes the iso automatically start sshd?19:06
onoderaI can't start it myself either since  on keyboard.19:07
onoderajue: does your keyboard work in the 4.2rc1 iso too?19:08
onoderahmm this is so weird..19:10
onoderausing this iso ?19:10
juelet's sum together: you are booting the iso, the keyboard works in the boot menu to select e.g. fb1024 etc. but when you get the login prompt the keyboard is dead?19:14
onoderatried replugging the keyboard in different usb slots, both before and after booting, both don't work19:15
onoderamaybe numlock or some other weird key is preventing stuff from working?19:15
rmullDo you have any other keyboards to try?19:17
onoderaI tried it with one other keyboard, and that one also didn't work19:19
onoderahowever the logitech keyboard was still plugged in so that may have something to do with it.19:20
rmullHow about with the crux 3.1 ISO (if you have one handy)?19:20
onoderayup I'll try that19:21
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onodera3.1 just works19:27
rmullhm, that is interesting. Too bad ssh isn't set to come up automatically. Logs would be useful.19:29
onoderaI went throught most commits in;a=summary and didn't find anything suspicious either.19:30
juehmm, probably this might work: boot with 3.1 and login, unmout /media and mount the 3.2 iso to /media, run setup etc.19:36
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rmullThat might be good enough to get the install done, but it doesn't address the actual issue20:06
onoderajue: will try that20:10
onodera scrolled though all the kernel config diff's and didn't found anything weird. I;m not sure what causes it20:10
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juermull: no, of course not. But it might help to find the issue20:20
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phonoderaHai, i mounted the 3.2 iso to /media20:23
phonoderaBut running setup still runs the 3.1 setup20:23
frinnstbtw does, say, adding some other usb device work?20:24
phonoderaHavent tried that yet20:24
frinnstcant imagine the HID driver faulting, must be usb20:24
phonoderaWell i tried 2 usb keyboard20:24
frinnstand do you have both usb2/3 on your motherboard?20:25
phonoderaOnly 220:25
frinnsti was thinking maybe another usb stick20:25
frinnstnot sure if it would print out stuff to the console20:25
frinnstis the keyboard dead (as in no LED lighting) or does it just not accept any input?20:26
phonoderaIll test after reinstalling20:26
phonoderaI mounted the 3.2 iso to /media inside the 3.2 live usb env20:26
frinnstI also have that keyboard and i've used it to upgrade with jaegers early iso on 2 machines without problem20:26
phonoderaSetup still says "installing 3.1" but it does list the 3.2 packages, should be ok right?20:27
phonoderaYeah I suspect its something usb related20:27
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