IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-10-17

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jaegerthink this weekend is a good time for an rc2?01:18
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jaegerI have one of those logitech illuminated keyboards as well, I cannot duplicate the issue on my hardware. It works fine03:14
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juejaeger: indeed, sounds like a plan :)10:54
jueany objections if we add --without-crypto to libxslt?11:01
jaegernone from me12:55
frinnstseems the new chromium builds under 3.2 atleast20:06
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teK__omg omg omg nvdia planning to release their driver in 6 months cycles except for registered users21:25
teK__Unitl now I always could use the driver quality as an argument :[21:25
frinnststep into the light, buy amd!23:38

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