IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-10-19

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jueRomster: please add a --without-crypto to opt/libxslt in 3.2, if you are not ready for a 3.2 commit I can do it too09:51
frinnsthm, does chromium need a udev rule?13:21
frinnst[24252:24252:1019/] Creating shared memory in /dev/shm/.org.chromium.Chromium.TiIR8a failed: Permission denied13:21
frinnstah, nevermind. shm was unmounted :->13:42
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frinnstI'll add firefox 42b7 to 3.2 soon'ish18:34
frinnstso gtk3 will be needed to be added to the iso :/18:34
jaegerIf that's happening it's definitely something I'd prefer to do before the release19:33
juefrinnst: no objection to use gtk3 for firefox if it works better/faster etc.20:05
frinnstanyways, its added20:15
frinnstgive it a go if you use firefox. i bet you'll be surprised20:16
juesure, will test it tomorrow :)20:22
frinnstonly drawback is there are no good looking and compact gtk3 themes but I think i've found one finally20:25
frinnst <- arc gtk2/3 theme with my local changes to make it more compact20:25
frinnstmostly menu bar changes that will not make the firefox bookmarks require a 42" screen20:26
Romsteri have like 5 ports to push to git but no time right now.21:48
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