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jaegerdoes core/exim still depend on tcp_wrappers?00:54
jaegerlooks like it does. (in 3.2)00:55
jaegerthat is to say it's still listed, not that it's a requirement00:55
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juejaeger: good catch, I removed tcp_wrappers from our config.patch but forgot the 'Depends on' line09:50
jueRomster: done10:47
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jaegerrunning a new bootstrap today since we've got a few changes in13:03
frinnstgood. Look forward to test it with firefox and gtk313:08
frinnstunsure how "good looking" it will be - im sure that can be tweaked if needed13:08
frinnstperhaps we should tag core/opt/xorg for each rc?13:09
jueyeah, I did that in the past, but forgot it for rc113:11
juebut will add a tag13:11
jaegerI just pushed the latest changes to iso.git for what that's worth13:18
jueok, added the rc1 tag to core/opt/xorg, others will follow later13:27
juejaeger: your current build will be rc2?15:07
jaegeryes, unless it should be something else?15:41
jueno, don't think so, I've just asked because of the tags15:55
jaegerok :) No worries, just checking16:08
rmullI installed mailx and when I try to send mail using the 'mail' command, I get the error "Failed to create spool file /var/spool/exim/input...etc" and it seems like it's fixed if I chown -R mail:mail /var/spool/exim. Can someone check on that?18:08
rmullMaybe some perms need to be set in a post-install or something18:08
frinnstit is owned by mail:mail18:09
frinnstrun rejmerge18:09
frinnstcheck the exim footprint18:10
rmullYou're right about the footprint, but my spool dir was not permissioned that way before... hm18:11
rmullAnyway, thanks for the pointer18:11
frinnstyeah, wonder why18:11
rmullI'll let you know if anything turns up18:13
rmullI'll assume pebkac for now18:13
frinnsthope no other port fucked it up18:13
frinnstfresh install?18:13
rmullNo, it's been around a long time18:13
rmullAnd I did migrate from a broken btrfs / partition at one point, so I could have hosed the perms in the process18:14
frinnstoh, what broke?18:14
frinnstand under what kernel? :)18:14
rmullI don't really know. One day btrfs started bitching at me about checksum failures or something, and the disk seemed fine otherwise18:15
frinnstI remember something similar maybe a year ago18:15
rmullRather than try to figure it out I just switched back to ext4 - I just have this one computer, and I need it to work18:16
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