IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-10-21

frinnstwe should probably mirror prt-get_quickstart.html. the release notes points to
jaegerteK__: had any time to test elilo on rc1?01:39
jaeger-rc2 is uploading now, please test if you get a chance01:43
jaegerETA 15 minutes01:43
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juefrinnst: I've put the manual and quick start of prt-get to and fixed the links in Wiki/ToolsAndScripts resp. in the handbook of 3.1 and 3.207:25
juefrinnst: added an entry wrt firefox/gtk3 to TODO3208:21
juefrinnst: would you mind adding something to ?08:23
juejaeger: I'm sorry to say, but we forgot to inject gtk3, at-spi2-core and at-spi2-atk for new firefox08:54
juejaeger: besides that an update 3.1 -> 3.2 went smooth for me :)08:55
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frinnstdone jue12:56
jaegerjue: oops, yeah. totally slipped my mind. I'll add that today13:00
jaegerjue: dbus, too14:32
frinnsthm, that was always a dep15:23
frinnstor wait, no15:23
frinnstright, doh15:24
jaegerIt was in the past and got removed, I think15:28
jaegernow it's back :)15:28
frinnstyeah. let me see if we really need it15:32
frinnstyeah we do :(15:35
jaegerdoesn't bother me at all15:35
frinnstpointless to disable dbus in firefox then, i'll readd that15:35
frinnstbah, then we'll need dbus-glib too15:36
frinnstno, lets keep dbus disabled in firefox15:36
jaegerIt's in gtk3's deps as well15:37
jaegerthough not dbus-glib, looks like15:37
frinnstyeah, dbus-glib would be a new dep. lets try to keep it as light as possible :)15:38
teK__jaeger: I will have to look for a usb stick once I'm back home on friday, will do then16:56
jaegerteK__: ok, thanks17:10
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