IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-10-22

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Worksteri would hold off on crux 3.2 release for gcc 5.3 if i were you22:53
Workstergcc has regressions22:53
frinnstis there an upstream report or is this a wine issue?22:57
frinnstnevermind, found it22:58
frinnstStatus: RESOLVED FIXED22:58
jaegerbut not released yet, it seems22:58
frinnsthow about forcing something else for wine at the moment? like -Os or something22:59
jaegerI wonder if gcc 5.2 is why elilo fails to work. If it's affecting more ports than wine it would be nice to know and possibly wait... if it's only wine, it's probably not worth it23:00
frinnstbtw linux 4.10.11 was just released23:02
frinnsteh, 4.1.1123:02
frinnstinet: fix potential deadlock in reqsk_queue_unlink()23:03
frinnstDate:   Thu Aug 13 15:44:51 2015 -070023:03
frinnsttook a while to get it into stable ...23:03
frinnstlets see if it works23:12
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Worksteri don't know how many things this gcc bug is affecting.23:23

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