IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-10-23

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jaegerteK__: have you tried synergy 1.7.4? contrib/synergy is a bit behind15:41
juewhat do you think, now that dbus has found its way onto our ISO, we probably should build wpa_supplicant with dbus support and make the NetworkManager user happy?15:59
frinnstmight as well16:15
jaegerok by me16:42
juethanks, will add it17:23
juejaeger: added a inject statement for it to setup-helper as well17:36
jaegersounds good, thanks17:37
jaegerI think we might want to just skip announcing rc2 and make an rc317:45
jueyeah, that's a good idea17:51
jaegerAny other changes you want in it before I start a built?17:51
jueno, I have nothing open here17:53
jueoh, wait17:55
juelet me do a merge first to get the latest gobject-introspection in17:55
juedone :)17:56
jaegerok :)17:56
jaegerI guess soon we should also look into the duplicate emails17:57
frinnstdamn, all this dbus crap almost makes me regret the gtk3 decision :)18:21
jaegerwe're still well below the dvd size, at least :)18:27
jaegerI used to put it on those smaller 185MB CDs18:27
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jaegeris mike_k still active?21:05
frinnstyeah I think so23:23

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