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jaegerrc3 is uploading now, please test :)15:44
jaegerfirst thing I notice with revdep is that firefox linked against gtk216:14
jaegerfrinnst: does it need some switch or logic to force linking against gtk3 when both are installed (as they are for the ISO build system)16:15
jaegerok, took down the rc3 iso, will make another after we figure this out16:18
jaegeralso seems it won't build if gtk2 isn't installed16:30
frinnstyeah gtk3 links against gtk216:38
frinnsthm, that must have changed16:38
frinnstlet me do some testing16:38
frinnstgtk3 *did* depend on gtk2 when I introduced it but its not supposed to now16:40
jaegerit doesn't seem to currently, revdep and ldd show no issues with it16:41
frinnstwhat doesnt build? gtk3 or firefox?16:41
jaegerbut firefox stopped building when I tried to build it with only gtk3 installed, not gtk216:41
jaegerin the ISO build environment, both gtk2 and gtk3 get installed in a chroot, then firefox is built. It didn't link against gtk316:42
frinnstmeh, how shitty16:44
frinnstyeah seems gtk2 is still a hard dep for firefox16:44
frinnsti'll add it to the ever-so-growing line of deps :(16:44
jaegerok, I'll run another bootstrap after16:44
frinnstnoticed rc9 was released too16:45
frinnstor would you prefer I dont push that before?16:46
frinnstsorry, b916:46
jaegermaybe it changes the linking? :D16:47
jaeger(no idea)16:47
frinnstor i guess you will restart from scratch?16:47
frinnsti was thinking of the bootstrap buildtime16:47
jaegerany time there's a linking error I prefer to do the bootstrap from scratch16:47
jaegerjust in case16:47
jaegerit takes a long time but I just start it and come back later, no big deal16:47
frinnstok, I'll push an updated version then16:48
jaegerthat was quick :)17:06
frinnsti7-2600k ftw!17:07
frinnststill going strong17:07
frinnstmeanwhile my rpi1 is still building the same kernel that I started 4 hrs ago17:07
jaegerheh, I believe it17:09
jaegerfrinnst: I built a fresh firefox on my 3.2 test install. gtk2 and gtk3 are both installed. there's no mention of gtk3 in the build log17:49
frinnst42.0b9, right?18:28
jaegerthat was b8, started it before you updated18:29
jaegerwant me to run one with b9?18:29
frinnstnah, dont bother18:29
frinnstas long as you use 42 you will get a gtk3 build18:30
frinnstnot sure why nothing is mentioned though18:30
jaegereven if it doesn't link against gtk3?18:30
jaegerdo you have a log of your local build handy?18:31
frinnstwhat the fuck18:31
frinnstjust changed gtk2 theme and it applies to firefox18:31
frinnsti've been using the same theme for gtk2/3 locally18:31
frinnstif they have changed something i'll be pissed18:32
jaegerFrom these builds it seems like you'll have to force gtk3 for it to pick that up18:32
jaegerUnless there's something I'm missing18:32
frinnst42 was changed to default to gtk318:33
frinnstim confused18:33
jaeger"default to" doesn't seem to be happening18:33
frinnstI ran the builds locally before pushing to 3.2 and it *did* default to gtk318:34
jaegermight be handy to compare the logs18:34
frinnsti had to add ac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=cairo-gtk2 to force gtk218:35
jaegercan you duplicate it in a fresh 3.2 install in a VM or something?18:35
frinnstyeah i'll fire one up18:35
frinnstfound an early 3.2 vm, running a sysup18:37
frinnstI think im starting to doubt my own sanity'18:57
jaegerI've been there before, I can sympathize18:57
frinnstthe beers arent helping either18:58
frinnstmaybe one more might clear things up!18:58
frinnsttar: .: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted19:00
frinnsttar: .: Cannot change mode to rwxr-xr-t: Operation not permitted19:00
frinnstthats a new one for me I think19:00
jaegerhrmm, weird19:00
frinnstprobably btrfs wierdness19:01
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jaegerdeus_ex: confirmation, the 20151023 split OVMF build works for me19:09
pedjagood :) I'll play a bit more with it and qemu, as soon as I configure mate just the way I like it.19:12
jaegerI just sold my i5-4690 system so I'll build a skylake one to replace it soon19:14
pedjacongrats :)19:17
jaegerthanks. I'm crazy and have the PC building bug, heh19:17
jaeger <-- probably going with this19:18
pedjasystem I'd get would be around 800 euros here.19:18
pedjasimilar to what I had in mind, apart form the m/b19:20
pedjaand an i5 instead of i719:20
jaegerthe MB is a little overkill but I do like some of the extra features it gives19:21
pedjanice case, FD Refine19:21
jaegeras for i7 vs. i5, if I were just gaming I'd go for the i5. I run enough VMs and the like that I like having the extra threads now19:21
jaegeryeah, I love fractal design cases. :) My main box is in a Define R5 case, the sold i5 system is a Define Mini19:21
pedjawell, pics of the build would be nice, some hw pr0n :)19:24
jaegerhehe, ok. I'll take some next time I shuffle things around19:25
pedjait's been a while since I built this machine.I miss playing with bubble wraps :)19:27
jaegerhaha, nice19:28
pedjaq:why evga psu instead of, say, seasonic?19:40
pedjapersonal preference?19:40
jaeger <-- because of that19:41
jaegerand it's priced well plus 10 year warranty19:41
jaegerIt's a super flower anyway, which is on par with seasonic, I'd say19:42
pedjaone of the reasons I bought seasonic psu few years back was one of his reviews.19:46
pedjaand, *knock on wood*, it works just fine :)19:46
jaegeryeah. I still like seasonic, the EVGA G2 line has been a recent addition (to me at least)19:46
jaegerI'm using a Seasonic SSR-550RM in my main box19:47
pedjaI had no idea that they make psu-s, all I ever saw were their graphics cards19:48
pedjass-520gb here19:49
pedjait still has the same price, after, what, 3-4 years since I bought it19:51
pedja'you paid HOW MUCH the psu!?' was the general reaction of my ex coworkers :) oh, well19:53
jaegerI feel like spending a bit more on a PSU to get a really nice one is not a bad idea. After all, the PSU has the potential (however uncommon) take take everything else with it if it fails.19:54
jaegers/take take/to take/19:54
frinnstjaeger: pushed a fix for firefox20:08
frinnstforced gtk320:08
jaegerfrinnst: ok, I'll give it a try20:08
frinnstI am still lost on what has happened though20:08
jaegeryeah, very strange20:09
frinnststill links against gtk220:10
jaegerdoes it also link against gtk3?20:10
frinnstgtk3 (opt)20:13
frinnstgtk (opt)20:13
frinnstThe amount of time I've wasted with these jerks peddling this software amazes me. I'm now in a year of regretting ever looking at VMturbo. I hope this saves someone else from my mistake.20:20
frinnstEdit: I hope Dell buys them. It would serve them right.20:20
jaegerDo they just keep bothering you constantly?20:21
frinnstsounds like it. (Ive never had contact with them though)20:21
frinnstJust liked the dell remark :)20:22
jaegerI had that problem a few years about with rapid7; we tried splunk and then they called like every day for a month. I finally told them their super-aggressive marketing had guaranteed I would never buy any of their shit20:22
jaegerThat got them to stop20:22
frinnstive been lucky in that regard. guess things are more chill in sweden20:24
jaegerIt's only been that one vendor for me, thankfully, but one was enough20:24
frinnstI hear solarwinds are pretty horrible20:24
jaegerI've not dealt with them20:24
jaegerfrinnst: I guess something did change, got a footprint mismatch now22:02
jaegerNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/firefox/nsIApplicationChooser.h22:02
jaegerNEW       drwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/firefox/gtk2/22:02
jaegerNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/firefox/gtk2/libmozgtk.so22:02
jaegerNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/firefox/libmozgtk.so22:02
jaegerNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/idl/firefox/nsIApplicationChooser.idl22:02
jaegerI just updated it for my bootstrap but figured I should mention it22:06
frinnstyeah just noticed that too22:35
frinnstmy bad22:35
frinnstnot my day, this :)22:36
jaegerno worries :)22:36
frinnstwohoo, my rpi is now building the modules!23:04

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