IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-10-28

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jaegeruploading rc3 now but I don't have testing time right now... so please test if you can02:03
jaegerETA 5 minutes02:03
jaegerwhoops, wrong one. will upload the right copy02:09
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juejaeger: thx, just added a 3.2-rc3 tag and will do some tests today07:58
juefrinnst: new xf86-input-evdev depends on mtdev again10:59
juefrom the changelog:10:59
jue... Unconditionally require mtdev10:59
juewill do the changes in 3.211:43
frinnstdamn these deps12:13
frinnstthey never end12:13
frinnst[14481/18623] CXX obj/content/browser/ssl/content_browser.ssl_client_auth_handler.o12:31
frinnstninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.12:31
frinnstpro-tip: dont run 2 sysups at the same time :>12:32
jaegerjue: thanks. I'm going to be quite busy today, my replacement is here to learn stuff before I leave12:45
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juejaeger: no issues with rc3 so far, looks very good15:54
juejaeger: added the required changes for evdev/mtdev to iso.git too15:56
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