IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-10-30

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jaegerjust got home, today was my last day at the current job. Should I announce rc3?00:36
jaegeror did one of you do so already? :)00:40
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juejaeger: no, please do the announcement07:34
juefrinnst: hmm, have you tried to do a 'Save page' with our new firefox?08:02
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frinnstyes, why?09:52
juefirefox crashed immediately for me09:54
juetested on threee different boxes, same result09:56
frinnstI'll look into it09:56
frinnstdo you get any output in stdout?10:22
frinnsti have a vague memory of this issue10:23
jueoh, there is something ...10:26
jueGLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system10:26
jueand before that similar warnings about10:27
jueGtk-WARNING **: Error loading theme icon 'edit-paste' for stock: Icon 'edit-paste' not present in theme Adwaita10:27
juelooks like I forgot to run the gtk3 post-install :(10:30
jue.oO we have a problem now, because we cannot run pre/post-install from our ISO10:31
juefrinnst: how can I fix the icon warning?10:33
juewell, the only possibility I see currently is to run glib-compile-schemas in /etc/rc.fix10:39
frinnstI'll look at it this weekend11:27
frinnstbtw, can someone else build firefox with ac_add_options --enable-system-cairo again? I think the latest cairo update fixed the crashes11:27
frinnstbut more testers welcome11:27
juefrinnst: yeah, will do11:38
teK__you probably know, but evdev fails because of a missing mtdev (I saw the notes in #crux.) There is no mtdev in
teK__also: at-spi2-atk requires a newer version of at-spi2-core to build13:35
jueteK__: mtdev should be in 3.213:43
teK__the portdb is not set to 3.2 obviously13:45
jueand both at-* ports are at the same version (2.18.1)?13:46
teK__looking for thelog..13:46
teK__I have to port trees.. /usr/ports  and /root/iso/ports.. 3.1 and 3.2 respectively13:48
teK__duh :)13:48
teK__but the newer spi* has to be installed for the iso build to work. I'm still not green with it.:x13:48
jaegerFor what it's worth, I do all the ISO builds on the target version13:59
teK__hen - egg - :>14:00
teK__the  only thing still complaining is gtk.. will look at it later :)14:00
frinnstIm done with the funeral crap now so I'll dig deep this weekend :-)14:09
teK__take man14:10
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frinnstno worries. we had the funeral this tuesday. the week before was pretty tough but now its all good15:52
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