IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-10-31

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frinnstjaeger: i get some warnings on the rc3 iso; unknown symbols for qla4xxx and hv_storvsc11:47
Romsteron what programs?12:00
Romsteri have yet to try out 3.212:00
frinnstwhen booting the iso12:00
frinnstwhen it loads those modules12:01
Romsterkernel bug i guess12:01
frinnstnah. think something has gone wrong with the kernel build or the kernel config is missing dependencies12:01
Romsterdid rc2 do this too?12:02
Romsterif not you could diff that config with the kernel config of rc3?12:03
frinnstnot sure, dont think i've ever booted it. jue did iirc and never mentioned it12:03
frinnstbtw, 4.1.10 is a no-no kernel to use12:04
frinnstit has that tcp bug12:04
frinnst4.1.9 and 4.1.1012:04
Romsteri see it took ages to get back ported12:04
Romster4.1.12 should be good for the iso12:05
Romsteri'm still on 3.18.22 i need to reboot to get onto 3.18.2312:05
Romsteri get sick of closing stuff rebooting opening it all finding where i was at with various things.12:06
Romsternet: Fix skb_set_peeked use-after-free bug12:07
Romsterthat wasn't the bug frinnst ?12:07
frinnsthm, not sure12:08
frinnstinet: fix potential deadlock in reqsk_queue_unlink()12:08
frinnstthats the one12:08
Romsterah i'm good then in 2212:08
Romsterdeadlock in ocfs2 on 1.18.22 but i don't use ocfs212:09
jaegerfrinnst: it uses 4.1.11 currently, not 4.1.1013:14
jaegerI'll investigate the symbol issues13:15
frinnstah, git says 4.1.10 :-)13:20
jaegerdid you encounter the bug when you actually booted the ISO?13:23
frinnstupgraded my 3.1 vm13:23
jaegerhave you tested 4.1.12 yet?13:24
jaegerI see that fix listed in the changelog13:24
frinnstyeah run it at work iirc13:25
jaegerI'll be gone a lot today and flying out of town for a week tomorrow so probably won't get to do much before I get back13:26
jaegerThe only change in my local repo right now is kernel 4.1.11 so if anyone else wants to build an ISO with 4.1.12 while I'm gone, that shouldn't be tough13:31
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