IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-11-01

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Romsterjaeger, could you actually put a index page on so i can actually find stuff.07:33
Romsterah ML says rc3 is at07:33
frinnstheh yeah, I also find it hard to find stuff there :)09:41
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frinnstso I fired up a clean 3.1 install:10:29
frinnstinstalled xorg, firefox10:29
frinnstupgraded to 3.210:30
frinnstnow when running firefox i get: cannot open shared object file: no such file or dir10:30
frinnstcan anyone confirm? Looks like we need to inject xorg-libxxf86vm if mesa3d is installed?10:32
frinnsthm. should have been fixed after rc1 but doesnt look like it was10:33
frinnstpushed a fix10:36
frinnstI've added a pregeneraded gschemas.compiled to opt/glib and i've added a post-install so we wont overwrite an already generated schema (well, we will but post-install should fix it)10:49
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Romsterhopefully that'll fix that11:13
frinnstyour idea with having a post-install recompiling schemas for all ports that need it might be unavailable12:38
frinnststupid dynamic crap12:39
frinnstim running a bootstrap since jaegers away12:40
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frinnst <- future classic. along with "lacking basics"18:52
frinnstno basics, no fun!18:52
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